How To Deal With Sperm That Often Feels Hot?

Illustration of How To Deal With Sperm That Often Feels Hot?
Illustration: How To Deal With Sperm That Often Feels Hot?

Hello My husband has a problem with fertility often hot in how to normalize fertility ,?

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Male fertility in terms of sperm health both in terms of quality and quantity. Male sperm is produced by the testes in the scrotum sac. The following classification of healthy sperm based on the world health agency (WHO):

The amount of liquid semen released. Semen is a liquid from glandular secretions in the reproductive organs and contains millions of sperm cells. Normally men can produce 1.5 to 7.6 ml of semen when ejaculation occurs
Normal sperm cell counts are between 15 million and 259 million sperm per millimeter of liquid semen released
Sperm have a head and tail to move. The ability to move sperm also supports male fertility. From all cells, it is expected that there are 40-81% of sperm that can move (both progressive and non-progressive) and from this value there is a minimum of 32 -75% of sperm that can move progressively / move forward
In addition, there are at least 4-48% complete sperm forms (consisting of head and tail)

Therefore, examination of sperm analysis should be done to determine the condition of your husband's fertility.
Some abnormalities that can occur in sperm and affect male fertility include:

Oligosperms: sperm counts are lower than normal values
Azoosperms: absence of sperm cells in semen
Teratozoospermia: abnormal deformities of sperm on the head or tail
Asthenozoospermia: abnormalities in sperm movement

Some risk factors that can affect sperm cells / male fertility are the lifestyle that most often affects, including unhealthy eating patterns, frequent smoking and alcohol consumption, certain medical conditions such as varicoceles, infections in the reproductive organs, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, consumption of certain drugs, etc.

To help improve male fertility, the following things can be done:

Do a healthy lifestyle
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Reduce foods high in fat, multiply vegetables and fruit
Inadequate body fluid needs
Regular exercise
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
Avoid physical and psychological stress
Maintain ideal body weight
Prevent yourself from the risk of sexually transmitted infections
Take vitamin supplements that contain folic acid, vitamin E and other types of multivitamins

If needed, you can consult directly with a urology specialist and andrology specialist to get more complete information and a more accurate examination. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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