How To Deal With Squint In Only One Eye

Illustration of How To Deal With Squint In Only One Eye
Illustration: How To Deal With Squint In Only One Eye

Good night, doc, introduce me to Viki. I have a complaint in my left eye, if I don’t wear glasses, my left eye will squint to the side and the object will look double. And sometimes when I use the same eye, but more often, not only when using glasses. Is there medication or training in the eye muscles for normal return? Thank you dock

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squint or strabismus is an eye disorder that causes irregularities in the position of the eyeball, so that the two eyeballs are unable to see one object at the same time. it is known for certain, but it is believed that there is an association with the nervous system that is responsible for the control of eye muscles, certain tumors, impact on the head or other eye diseases.

Adult adults with strabismus will experience double vision. For some people, this condition may occur only when looking to one side. Early symptoms can occur suddenly or gradually. The distortion can occur only under certain conditions, aka not every time.

squint treatment depends on the severity, the choice can be observation or follow-up actions such as surgery. prism correction and other optical approaches are the main treatment options for strabismus conditions. If it doesn't produce results, surgery can be done. meanwhile eye exercise can be done this way to help treat squints in adults which occurs when the eyes are unable to align when reading or working. This exercise focuses both eyes on close objects, such as books, needles, to the computer screen.

you should be able to do an examination directly to the eye doctor to control the squint and determine whether it is squint or not so that the doctor can provide the handlers according to the level of silvery.

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