How To Deal With Stage 3 Colon Cancer?

Illustration of How To Deal With Stage 3 Colon Cancer?
Illustration: How To Deal With Stage 3 Colon Cancer?

Hello, I want to ask. My friend was convicted of having stage 3 colon cancer. The choices were 2 operations but sacrificing her bowel tract or taking alternative treatments. If the surgery, can he recover? And will the BAB channel be repaired later? And if you go to an alternative treatment, is there a possibility of recovery? Thank you

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Hi Regina, thanks for asking.

The cancer referred to here from the picture given I consider is colon cancer (not small bowel cancer). Colon cancer (large intestine) as with other cancers, the exact cause is unknown. Various possible causes of colon cancer such as lack of fiber and meat dominance, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, history of colon inflammation such as ulcerative colitis, or genetic factors.

Cancer is divided into 4 stages. Stage 1 is the mildest where cancer cells are confined to the colonic lumen and Stage 4 is the most severe where cancer cells have metastasized to areas outside the colon. For stage 3, the cancer has spread to the surrounding lymph nodes.

The possibility of cure or recurrence in cancer is very dependent on the stage, type of cancer cells, treatment, and other health conditions that affect (for example the presence of other diseases such as diabetes). The decision to do chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery depends entirely on the stage, type of cancer, and general condition of the patient. Doctors can only give a picture of the possibility of recovery or relapse, but can not be 100% sure.

At the time of the operation it will be decided how much area the colon must be removed. When surgery is also the right time to determine the type of cancer and cancer stage. This is because in some cases, when an operation is performed, it appears that the cancer has entered the stage further than expected.

Regarding alternative therapies, many kinds. But again, for cancer no one can ensure 100% cure. Patients have the right to choose self-medication, but it remains to be ascertained whether alternative treatments outweigh the risks. It's good to discuss it thoroughly with family and treating doctors.

So a little information from me, hopefully helped. Regards.

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