How To Deal With Stomach Pain When Pregnant 14 Weeks?

Illustration of How To Deal With Stomach Pain When Pregnant 14 Weeks?
Illustration: How To Deal With Stomach Pain When Pregnant 14 Weeks?

Hello dokHow do you deal with stomach pain that feels like a cold? I am 14week

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Pregnant conditions will sometimes make some changes to the body, this happens because of the effects of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Some hormones that are produced are quite a lot to maintain pregnancy, especially progesterone, sometimes it will have a slightly uncomfortable effect on other organs, including digestive organs such as the stomach or intestine. Flatulence is often felt by pregnant women, especially in pregnancies that are getting bigger. This is because the developing baby will push the stomach and make the digestion process a little slower than normal people. Progesterone also causes a relaxing effect on the muscles so that it slows down the intestine in digesting food.

You can do a few simple things to reduce the discomfort in several ways, namely:

reduce or avoid foods that contain sugar and its derivatives including fructose. Choose foods that have a natural sugar content such as fruits or vegetables
avoid fatty foods, because foods that are high in fat will take longer to process in digestion, thus making your bloating worse
try to eat small but frequent meals, and try not to lie down right after you eat. Wait for a few minutes at least 1 hour while waiting for food to come down to the intestine so that bloating or bloating doesn't lurk you
avoid consuming drinks high in sugar or with artificial sweeteners and carbonated drinks. Because these drinks can produce more gas and cause endless bloating
do simple exercise even if you are pregnant. Because now there are many pregnancy exercises that have instructors or are usually taught in programs in the Puskesmas for pregnant women

If the bloating that you feel does not go away with the above method, then you should consult a doctor or obstetrician. So that doctors give bloating drugs that are suitable for pregnant women. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can be useful for you. thanks.

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