How To Deal With Stomachaches To The Solar Plexus?

Illustration of How To Deal With Stomachaches To The Solar Plexus?
Illustration: How To Deal With Stomachaches To The Solar Plexus?

Doctor, I’m 19 years old. I often had stomachaches from the left side to the chest and even my heart and back too. Initially I was sick at the age of 11 years but at that time it was still normal to feel less torture, and slowly as if healed. And when I was 16 years old I entered high school suddenly the mag disease came on again, the severity until my BB dropped from 43 to 38, so at that time every time I ate after a few minutes I always vomited until my stomach was hurting hot abysmally, I felt I was relieved eat at all if the end will come out, I just checked and the doctor said I was stressed out too much thought, and finally I was really careful what I ate even I didn’t think of anything, a few months I started to recover and if I was late eating just once I immediately relapsed , but it will get better if I take medicine until it feels like I am addicted to the drug because it is so annoying that sometimes it hurts to just use anget2 oil to get gasakit because I am so lazy to take medicine, and after 3 years have passed now it relapsed again only because I had sprue and can’t eat the same once a recurrence that is super sick so much that every night can’t sleep pain, so far I check with a regular general practitioner I haven’t tried a specialist yet, so I asked my doctor to know what I’m actually sick of? Why so torturous, please answer, thank you 🙂

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There are complaints of abdominal pain that you feel until accompanied by complaints of nausea, vomiting, pain in the spinal region, the possibility of this condition can be caused by the same complaint that you have previously experienced. If some time ago your doctor stated that there were gastric disorders that are triggered by stress, anxiety, eating late or the type of food you consume, then the complaints that you are feeling right now may be caused by stomach disorders that are triggered by eating too late due to canker sores. Therefore, if you do not have the current condition and are not being treated properly, then you should consider consulting your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor.

As long as you still do not get the necessary treatment, your mouth ulcer is still disturbing and your food intake is not optimal, then the risk of complaints that you feel right now will disturb you and your general condition will decrease further, due to food intake and the risk of fluid loss that occurs.

Apart from stomach problems that trigger complaints that you feel, other medical conditions can also trigger the same complaints, such as:

1. Food poisoning

2. food intolerance

3. liver disorders

4. gallbladder disorders

5. injury to the digestive tract

6. digestive enzyme disorders

Therefore, to help restore your clinical condition, you should consult your family doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, the doctor will conduct a physical examination, and plan a supportive examination if necessary, such as blood tests, ultrasound, or endoscopy. The results of the examination will be a reference for treatment and treatment needed. So that the certainty of the diagnosis or the certainty of the cause of this complaint, can only be known by examination directly to your doctor.

For now, you should avoid physical fatigue, avoid sleeping late at night; food spicy, bersantan, instant food, bottled drinks or late eating. Inadequate need for water (warm water) and avoid stress.

Thus the info we can convey.

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