How To Deal With Strong Body Odor?

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, I want to ask. How to get rid of body odor effectively and permanently. I’ve always had a problem with armpit odor even though I’ve been using antiperspirant, but now my BO is getting worse. 5 minutes after getting out of the shower, my armpits have started to smell sour, I don’t know why. So I exfoliate every day so that they say the smell will go away, but the results are not much different. I’ve tried various deodorants, antiperspirants, clinical strength (e.g. Perspirex), drinking apple cider vinegar which is really bitter, until the natural ones (baking soda, lemon, crystal deo) still haven’t helped. every day when you wake up, you will definitely fix body odor. even though in the AC room, my armpits must be sweaty and smelly. especially if you are walking outside, the sweat is even worse. I’ve tried various brands of deodorant, but when I leave the house I smell bad. To be honest, I’m a clean person, I shower 2-3 times a day, drink water (no coffee), use soap that has ph+, use deodorant, but I don’t know why there’s always body odor = sweat. If my sweat can smell bad too. I even changed my diet and didn’t eat food with high choline, I thought I had TMAU etc. btw, when I’m outside, usually I can’t smell if I have BO or not, but others can smell my body, even though I just took a shower u0026 if I’m not sweating it’s the same as that. Doctor, do you have an explanation? I think I want to check and go for a consultation, but I don’t know what doctor specializes in body odor. I’m sorry if it’s a long read hehe but please ask for advice, thank you

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Body odor can reduce self-confidence so that it can interfere with one's social interactions which in turn can reduce the quality of life.

Excess body odor (bomhidrosis) occurs because sweat mixes with bacteria on the surface of the body. You are at risk of having strong body odor if you:

excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), for example in the armpit area being overweight suffer from metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and kidney failure eating foods containing components of onions, curries, drinking alcoholic beverages have a family with bromhidrosis Many steps can be taken to reduce body odor, including those you have mentioned above. Bathing with antibacterial soap and using antiperspirant is expected to help reduce odor. Changing clothes after sweating can prevent excessive sweat buildup which can mix with bacteria and trigger odors. Also pay attention to the food you consume, avoid foods that contain lots of onions, curry foods and alcoholic beverages. Lose weight if you are overweight.

If the body odor is still bothersome, you can consult your complaint with a dermatologist.

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