How To Deal With Swelling In The Neck After A Bee Sting?

, I d bee stung then my throat is swollen, what treatment or medicine should I know?

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Hi Odie,

Bee stings can cause allergic reactions that vary in each person. When stinging, the bee stabs the sting and emits a protein-like substance that can cause inflammatory and allergic reactions. Mild reactions can include bumps, itching, and redness in the stung area. Swelling can sometimes get bigger for several days. For example stung in the fingers, but swollen up to the wrist. Severe allergic reactions can occur in some people characterized by:

 Urticaria / hives all over the body Difficulty in breathing Swelling of the tongue and in the throat Nausea and vomiting Feeling fainting Fast and weak heartbeat Decreased consciousness Patients who are stung by dangerous bees / wasps, have symptoms of severe allergic reactions, or bee stung in large quantities, must immediately check themselves to the nearest health facility. Treatment for severe allergic reactions includes injecting epinephrine and other drugs such as antihistamines, corticosteroids, beta 2 agonists (to dilate the airways), and other supportive treatments.

If you mean that the swelling is on the skin of the neck and only in the form of bumps, without severe allergic symptoms, you can do independent handling at home:

 Wash the stung part immediately after the incident with water and soap. Compress swollen areas with cold compresses. Consumption of pain relievers. Avoid scratching the itchy area, doctors will usually give antihistamine drugs to relieve mild allergic symptoms. That's my explanation, hopefully useful.

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