How To Deal With Swollen And Red Left Eye When 39 Weeks Pregnant?

I am 39 weeks pregnant and next week will be 40 weeks. At mid-35 weeks, my left eye was swollen red and there was a large lump. I went to the doctor and was given medicine but up to 2 weeks had not healed, it actually increased in the right eye too. Towards the 39th week yesterday there were even 2 lumps in the right eye. So I have 3 total creams in both eyes. The doctor advised me to arrange an incision schedule because my scar in my left eye had hardened and disturbed my eyes in the right eye, while I was preparing for birth. What I want to ask, is it better to have an incision before giving birth or after giving birth?

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Hello Ywan,

Bintitan occurs because of two things namely kalazion-blockage of the glands in the eyelid by oil or hordeolum-an infection (usually due to bacteria) in the glands in the eyelid. Symptoms of hordeolum are usually dominant pain, red eyelids and swelling. Most Hordeolum can heal itself within 2-3 weeks without treatment. Warm compresses can help reduce symptoms. Antibiotic eye drops / ointments can also be given. Incision is needed if the lump does not go away or break.

Kalazion is generally less painful than hordeolum. In some cases, more than one lump can appear. If it is large it will press toward the eyeball so that it will interfere with vision. Handling is more or less the same as hordeolum, but often requires incision because usually the lump will persist or often recur.

The hordeolum or kalazion incision is an action that is usually done in the clinic, so it does not require hospitalization. Patients usually remain conscious throughout the process. The incision can be done anytime, before or after delivery, the action does not interfere with the process of pregnancy or childbirth. Please adjust to what you feel comfortable with and consult further with your eye specialist. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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