How To Deal With Swollen Tonsils In Children?

Illustration of How To Deal With Swollen Tonsils In Children?
Illustration: How To Deal With Swollen Tonsils In Children?

Hello, would you like tonsil medicine for children? “What is it usually? My problem is that my child has swollen tonsils and is having difficulty swallowing, and why should I answer? Thank you,

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tonsils play a role in preventing infection, especially in children. Because usually children do not have a perfect immune system. As age goes on, the child's immunity will also develop and the role of tonsils in preventing the disease will begin to be replaced. When there is inflammation of the tonsils, these two glands will usually swell. And cause children to experience headaches, fever, pain around the ears, coughing, to pain in the throat when swallowing.

in general tonsillitis occurs due to viral and bacterial infections. The type of bacteria that causes tonsillitis usually comes from the streptococcus group. Besides bacteria, inflammation of the tonsils can also be triggered by several types of viruses, such as parainfluenza virus which is a virus that causes respiratory disease and inflammation of the voice box in children. Can also occur due to the effects of other infections in the body, such as influenza viruses, rhinovirus, rubeola, and others.

usually inflammation of the tonsils when caused by a virus will heal by itself but does not mean it should be underestimated yes, there are some tips you can do at home

 Give your child more drink to reduce pain in the throat and prevent dehydration. Make sure he has enough rest to restore his immune system. Give it soft textured food. You can give paracetamol specifically for children but remember the rules according to the dosage packaging. this for a while to relieve the pain felt by children. Creating good air quality at home is also important to help deal with tonsil inflammation. When a child experiences tonsillitis, as much as possible keep him away from exposure to pollution, such as dust, cigarette smoke, and vehicle fumes. If necessary, you can use a humidifier to moisturize and clean dirty air. try to keep the child in the house and away from others, and keep the child and yourself clean, often doing hand washing with soap or hand sanitaizer when away from water. because now is an epidemic of corona virus, I suggest you and your family stay at home, especially if your child is sick and has endurance that is very easy to experience disease transmission.

but remember if after doing home treatments there is no improvement and if accompanied by high fever and shortness of breath / difficulty breathing, unable to eat and very fussy you can immediately take the child to the pediatrician to handle this immediately yes bun.

You can read the following article: Beware of corona virus infection in children

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