How To Deal With The Behavior Of Couples Who Often Invite Sex

I am a man (age) almost 17 grade 11 stm, I have a boyfriend of almost 3 years dating and my taste has faded but my girl actually added a deep love to me until 5 months ago my girlfriend started fishing me by giving photos and someday we are curious and have sex but just playing with breasts and kisses and until one day having sex again but plus playing pubic P until sperm release, and one time that my boyfriend was menses and arrived “menses stopped on day 5 after intercourse and at that time my girl experienced symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, cramps, fatigue easily occurred repeatedly several days later I decided to buy a drug diapotik then drink for 3 days but the results were nil, then it was projected to the doctor then the doctor said stomach ulcers, and we were happy, then a few days still felt the same until when testing with a test pack after 2 weeks the results were negative tif, then with that we decided not to do that again until a few months later my girl offered me again because at home alone then we did like that again but now my girl asked for a photo and video when I played her ms.V and then I deleted it, and then 1 month ago there was a problem that made me feel tired, bored, lazy dating again and I said I wanted to break up and he refused to break up because it was already deep and I chuckled to break up until the third day I still said he broke up he said if he wanted I decided he would go to my parents if I had had a miscarriage and act like that and see videos and photos when we were in contact, it turned out that the file was still there, and I thought hard if there was an incident until my parents knew that it would be long and I could drop out of school and have problems with the law if it comes to the police and problems with the family, especially the two parents, it will definitely disturb the health of both of them even more b Uruk again I was not recognized by my child or somehow my fate when my parents knew because the names of my parents were well known in the eyes of village and subdistrict officials sometimes district, so I did not break up for this sake even though it made me depressed then I try to accept and go through all this even though it gives a little peace, then a few weeks later my girl there is a will and if the will (there is no element of money this will only want to be escorted away or bring my social media facilities) and I refused and threatened to say to his family again about this I was thinking again so that I was forced to obey his wishes. and until now I sometimes think about it if I could not obey his will someday, but all this time he was offered for the relationship, what should I do for this relationship

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Hello Fierman, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

I can catch the story you told. Actually I am a little confused about what I will say. In your story I see a misperception about the "miscarriage" experienced by your partner. It is not necessarily a miscarriage because there is no evidence of a previous pregnancy.

Respond to your question about what you have to do. I cannot provide a solution, but I have a few suggestions for you, namely:

Try to calm your mind.
Talk with a cool head, and how well you feel with your boyfriend / partner. I understand why your partner threatens you, I feel either you or he is experiencing a very heavy burden of mind. You no longer want to be together, on the other hand your partner feels he has given everything to you. You should solve this problem immediately because the burden of the mind that can continue to cause mental problems.
Avoid risky sex, considering that at this time you are still the same as going to school if a pregnancy occurs can ruin your future, and having an abortion on purpose can be subject to imprisonment, but it is also very dangerous for the mother.

I can't say much because it's beyond my competence.

Thank you very much :)

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