How To Deal With The Right Ear Feels Full And Hearing Loss?

Illustration of How To Deal With The Right Ear Feels Full And Hearing Loss?
Illustration: How To Deal With The Right Ear Feels Full And Hearing Loss?

I want to ask about my right ear problem which feels full and hearing loss is why? Previously 4 days ago on Saturday I went to the ENT doctor to check the left ear which was rather clogged, then my doctor’s ears were cleaned using irrigation techniques. dizzy), after that it turned out to be the right one with a problem, my right ear felt bumpy and hearing dropped 4 today, is this because the irrigation is too deep huh? Then what can be done so that my right ear is normal again thanks in advance

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Hello Agung, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Ear irrigation technique is a technique performed by doctors to clean the ear canal by spraying sterile liquid into the ear. This technique is very safe and has almost no complications. Cerumen prop / blockage due to ear wax that is clotted or hardened is one of the things that is handled by using the irrigation technique in the hope that dirt will be pushed out. So there is no such thing as irrigation techniques that are too deep, because the water that is sprayed is sure to enter completely and will bounce back out because of the eardrum that limits the external ear and middle ear.

Responding to complaints that you submit there are several possible causes of complaints in your right ear, namely:

Occurring otitis externa because it is one of the complications of cerumen prop. This can be seen from your complaints that feel discomfort / pain when the right ear is cleaned. The possibility of injury due to cerumen was too hard before, and now from the presence of the wound / blister there is inflammation in your external ear.
Dirt or cerumen is still left in the ear, because the consistency is too hard, and expands due to exposure to water causing a full sensation.

Therefore you can go back to the ENT doctor who is treating you, or since there is currently a rampant covid-19 infection so patients are advised to avoid hospital if the situation is not really urgent, you can consult a general practitioner directly to the nearest clinic / puskesmas .

That's all the answers I can give, thank you very much :)

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