How To Deal With The Trauma Of Labor?

Illustration of How To Deal With The Trauma Of Labor?
Illustration: How To Deal With The Trauma Of Labor?

Asalamualaikum, I am Nurul, I want to consult the issue of the birth of the second child whose HPL is soon, I have 3 times the ultrasound but the HPL is different every time I check, there are 3 options for the first time on 2 December, the second on 11 December and the third time 16 December .. which one should I take? then how do I get rid of the trauma that is effective in dealing with the second childbirth? because when my first child was born at 42 weeks of gestation, rupture of premature membranes, and immediately induction, after that the process was very painful, because during my labor I was put on a cateter 3 times, and after giving birth my body was shivering, feverish, and like half-conscious, after giving birth bi-monthly I complained of pain in the vagina like swelling, and each pee was rather sick, what was the effect of it? Is it possible for the second child to go through the same process as the first child? please enlighten me, ask for motivation

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Hello Fatimah Alesha Putriandri,

Ultrasonography is a medical imaging device that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to obtain a picture of organs in the body. Womb ultrasonography is useful for confirming pregnancy, measuring fetal anthropometry to get an estimate of fetal age and estimated date of delivery, measuring amniotic fluid volume, determining placental location, detecting fetal heart rate, detecting abnormalities in the fetus, determining abnormalities in the reproductive organs, and much more.

The estimated date of birth of the baby can be estimated based on the first day of last menstrual period (HPHT). For example your HPHT April 1, 2019, then the estimated date of birth of the baby is day +7, month -3, year +1, which is January 8, 2020. Keep in mind this is the estimated date, so that before that date the mother is ready to face signs of childbirth . This date is uncertain, can go forward and backward. Infants who are considered to be full term are 37-42 weeks old. In premature labor, signs of labor can appear much earlier than the estimated date of birth. In postmatured labor, signs of labor do not appear even though the womb is> 42 weeks old.

Ultrasonography can also be used to determine the estimated date of birth. The tool will measure the size of the gestational sac or fetal body parts and then convert them to an estimated fetal age and an estimated date of delivery. Ultrasonography to determine the most accurate estimated date of delivery at the gestational age <20 weeks. The error margin is only 1.2 weeks. When the size of the fetus is getting bigger, there can be an error at the time of measurement because the scope of the device cannot cover all parts of the body of the fetus or the position of the fetus is difficult to examine (for example: the head has entered a partial pelvis). The doctor will also adjust to HPHT to estimate the presence or absence of fetal growth disorders (smaller / larger than the age of the womb). The gestational age and delivery date on USG will usually follow the measurement results of the fetal body parts, so if the baby is small the estimated delivery can be reversed, if the baby is large it can advance. Therefore, doctors still compare it with your HPHT.

Childbirth certainly gives pain to the mother, both through normal labor and surgery. Here are some tips for mothers facing normal childbirth:

Recognize signs of labor: mucous discharge mixed with blood, contractions that are getting routine and long, there is an opening of the cervix from medical examinations
Ensuring that there are no abnormalities in the location of the fetus and the birth canal is sufficient for a normal delivery. Consultation with a doctor for the presence of abnormalities that are contraindicated in having a normal labor
Understand the risks of normal labor and motivate yourself to do it
Choose a place to give birth that you feel comfortable and safe. You must trust the medical personnel who help you with labor in order to be able to go through labor properly. Listen to the labor helper instructions properly so that the process is smooth
Husband's support by your side during labor
Perform vaginal care or stitches due to perineal tears well. Ask medical staff how to treat wounds at home and abstain from activities that should be avoided temporarily.
Perform pregnancy exercises and breathing exercises for labor during pregnancy to be able to calm the mind and straining properly and effectively during labor
Using the normal delivery method combined with local or epidural anesthesia, or the choice of other techniques such as water birth and hypnobirth

Catheter placement at the time of delivery aims to expel urine and empty the bladder. A full bladder will compress the lower uterus, making it difficult for the fetus to decrease and the delivery process. Therefore, urine needs to be removed periodically with a catheter when labor is led / full opening. However, if before complete opening the patient can still be mobilized, the patient can urinate using a chamber pot.

The duration of childbirth can be caused by the lack of strength of the mother to straddle, poor uterine contractions, wrong way of straining, the baby's transverse position, large baby size, and many other factors that influence the process. In the second labor, generally the opening of the cervix will be faster than in the first labor. Pain will certainly be felt but can not be determined whether it will be as difficult as first labor or not.

Swelling of the vagina after childbirth can occur due to the wrong straining process, too much straining before the complete opening, infection of the wound. Postpartum control is important to evaluate vaginal injuries and wound care. Consume high nutritious food with enough protein and vitamins to support the wound healing process. Take pain medications and antibiotics that have been prescribed by your doctor. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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