How To Deal With Tonsils In Children?

Illustration of How To Deal With Tonsils In Children?
Illustration: How To Deal With Tonsils In Children?

.. I want to ask, how can a child’s tonsils get healed / disappear without surgery … I feel bad for my child every time the medication consumption is relapsing … Then I go up / down my left knee stairs u0026sup2; pain like the motion of my knee bone .. Thank you very much … Hopefully the doctor is protected from the virus covid19

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Hello Resti,

Thank you for the questions and prayers. May Allah Almighty protect us all from plagues and distress. Aamiin

Tonsils are a normal structure located behind the oral cavity and are useful in mediating immunity. Because of infections, fatigue, immune disorders, and also consumption of irritating food and drinks, tonsils can become inflamed (tonsillitis) until they eventually swell, redness, feel pain, and also make sufferers experience coughing, phlegm phlegm, even disturbed sleep and respiratory disorders. If the cause is related to infection, then people with tonsillitis can also feel fever, muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite, and chills.

Inflammation of the tonsils that are swollen is small, does not recur often, and does not cause sleep disturbance or respiratory problems, often it does not have to be treated immediately with surgery. Most doctors will treat this condition by giving them a number of medicines first, while educating natural remedies that can be taken to prevent the condition from worsening, such as by resting, not eating spicy and oily foods, avoiding the consumption of hot drinks and artificial sweetness, avoiding screaming yell excessively, eat small portions but often, stay away from cigarettes and smoke, and exercise diligently to increase endurance. If with this conservative step the condition of the child has not improved, or if it is feared that the inflamed tonsils become the focus of infection that is prone to spread to other organs, the doctor can recommend that surgery be performed for the benefit of your own child. The good, consult related to the best handling of your child's condition to the doctor, pediatrician, or ENT doctor huh ..

Pain in the knee can occur due to factors that are mild to dangerous, for example muscle cramps, nerve clamps, rheumatoid arthritis, gout arthritis, infections, tendonitis, ligamentous injuries, psychological disorders, vascular disorders, metabolic disorders, and so on. This pain, if mild in nature and not accompanied by swelling, severe stiffness, as well as a history of previous severe injuries, you should not worry about excessive. Apply pain relievers to your knees, rest more, limit running / up and down stairs, maintain ideal body weight, regularly do knee trading exercises (such as yoga or swimming), do not smoke, and do not carelessly massage your knee the. If the pain becomes more severe or other complaints appear more severe as mentioned above, try to see your doctor or neurologist to get the right treatment.

I hope this helps.

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