How To Deal With Tooth Roots That Are Not Pulled?

Illustration of How To Deal With Tooth Roots That Are Not Pulled?
Illustration: How To Deal With Tooth Roots That Are Not Pulled?

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Need to be clarified, where do you pull the teeth? Is it at the dentist?

If performed by a competent dentist, often, tooth extraction does not leave serious complications. As for the event of the failure of the entire tooth root to be extracted as you experience it is very rare. Usually, to prevent this condition, before doing a tooth extraction, the doctor will first conduct a comprehensive examination of the structure of your teeth, plus a radiological examination, such as an x-ray. If there is any remaining tooth root left behind, the dentist in question will certainly be responsible for handling it thoroughly, or maybe refer you to a dental surgeon specialist for further treatment. In this way, the risk of pain and prolonged bleeding, until the infection around the former tooth extraction area can be minimized properly.

Tooth roots are often not easily uprooted because of the following factors:

Poor operator competency Limitations of facilities The position of the teeth embedded deep in the gum structure or jaw The teeth are very fragile, etc. The best preventive measure for this condition is of course by maintaining better oral hygiene, ie by brushing teeth regularly 3 times a day , clean between your teeth and tongue, and rinse with an antiseptic mouth rinse. You also need to avoid smoking, drug consumption, and eating sweet foods before bed. Complete nutrition for your teeth and gums by always eating nutritious foods, rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other sources of nutrition. Avoid the habit of poking teeth, for example to clean up food scraps. Finally, if you have complaints about your teeth, or want to get your dental health checked, do it with a competent medical person, a dentist.

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