How To Deal With Trauma In The Past?

Illustration of How To Deal With Trauma In The Past?
Illustration: How To Deal With Trauma In The Past?

Good afternoon. I ask. You see, I have been abandoned by men 3 times (heartbroken). I hate them, and hate my love story. I don’t trust men anymore, I think all men are cheaters. Now, because of this I am afraid that I will become gay and hate all men, I am afraid of depression, I am also afraid that I will no longer want to meet men. Moreover I was looking for a job, and fear that it also makes me depressed besides my problem. what I want to ask is how to avoid depression and how to overcome it, how can I open my heart again and believe in men, I am afraid to be same-sex enthusiasts. Please give me a solution, thank you

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Trauma to an event such as trauma due to a broken heart is a natural thing to happen. If you have broken your heart 3 times, it is only natural that you feel doubtful or afraid that you will reconnect with a man. However, this should not be carried out dissolving. If you feel sad when a man is abandoned then it is normal, but you need to rebuild your mind and mind.

You should think positively, thinking that this man is not your soul mate and is not the right one for you. do your hobbies and activities, hang out with friends, tell your friends so that your burden can be reduced. Exercise regularly, this can make the mind more relaxed. You can also take a vacation for a while to help calm the mind. get closer to God.

It's important not to think negatively, like thinking you will like the same sex. it doesn't happen as long as you think positively. You can find a new job, make friends with everyone, including men. The more you make friends with many people, the broader your insight will be and the more you can forget about past events.

However, if these thoughts continue to bother you, you can consult and do direct counseling with a mental health specialist, so you can communicate directly.

Here's an article you can read about depression

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