How To Deal With Tuberculosis?

Illustration of How To Deal With Tuberculosis?
Illustration: How To Deal With Tuberculosis?

Good morning, I want to ask my mother a high fever and up and down if the fever rises will be accompanied by a dry cough that makes pain in the chest, then the doctor said that treats spots in the lungs, lungs can be said to be tuberculosis? Then how to treat it, and what is the cure? Then is there any supplement that can add energy because he also has diabetes and weakness, but has been given an insulin injection of thanks first.

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Hello Annur,

Thankyou for asking.

Fever can occur due to various conditions such as bacterial infections, viral infections, malignancies, dehydration, anemia, and so on.

Tuberculosis, hereinafter referred to as tuberculosis, is a disease caused by M. tuberculose bacteria. Symptoms of this disease include fever, coughing for more than 2 weeks, night sweats, and a significant weight loss. For certain enforcement, a complete physical examination must be done, usually in the lung examination can be found additional sounds in the form of ronchi. Furthermore, other examinations such as sputum examination, radiological examination, and CT scan are needed. On X-ray examination can get a picture of cloudy spots or commonly known spots, but not typical for tuberculosis only. Treatment if the diagnosis of tuberculosis has been established depends on the category and determines the duration of treatment.

Because it must be preceded by various examinations to enforce a disease you are advised to see a pulmonary specialist. You can also tell about your mother's other illness, diabetes, so that treatment planning can be adjusted. Do not forget to use a mask when consulting your health facility and remain vigilant in view of the Corona virus outbreak.

For now you can do:

 Make sure your mother uses a mask Don't let your mother expose phlegm carelessly when coughing produces phlegm Apply the correct ethics of cough Ensure the consumption of healthy and nutritious food Simply drink and rest Avoid exposure to cigarettes Make sure the room at home exposed to direct sun exposure If there is shortness of breath and vomiting blood at home immediately to the doctor for further treatment.

That's all, hope it helps.

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