How To Deal With Uneven Skin Tone And Scars?

Illustration of How To Deal With Uneven Skin Tone And Scars?
Illustration: How To Deal With Uneven Skin Tone And Scars?

Assalammualaikum., I want to ask. I’m 18 years old. Since childhood, 3 or 4 years old. I have a lot of exhaust sores, etc. Until now it’s not lost. Even on my body there is a strchmark. Pdhal I haven’t married and gave birth. My skin color is also uneven. If the fist is hard to lose, and the scar is very difficult to remove. The pockmarks from smallpox also don’t go away. How to solve it? And if I want to consult a dermatologist, can I use it. And how much it costs extra. Thank you

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Hello Kitochikato Thank you for asking,

Wound healing does take a long time, it even takes years for the wound to fade. It should be noted that there are several things that can slow down the wound healing process, namely:

Infection: An infected wound will hinder the wound healing process. Certain diseases such as diabetes, people with diabetes usually have blood vessel disorders. Smoking, substances in cigarettes disrupt blood flow so that wounds tend to be difficult to heal. Stress, both physical and psychological stress can also slow down the wound healing process. You need to pay attention if you have factors that can slow down wound healing, because these factors also require treatment.

Naturally, the body will carry out the wound healing process and repair the injured tissue. When the wound heals, most of the kana leaves a scar. To treat stubborn scars you can do it naturally or with medical procedures. To perform medical procedures you must first consult a dermatologist. The following articles you can read about how to get rid of scars: How to get rid of stubborn scars.

Currently, scars are an aesthetic disorder or those related to beauty and beauty elements, BPJS has not covered aesthetic cases, but you can ask directly to the BPJS office or officers at the clinic or hospital nearest you.

The bias that existing scars arise due to the wrong way to treat wounds, here's what you can do to prevent scars, namely:

Not scratching wounds, scratching wounds can interfere with wound healing and can lead to infection which later can also cause scars that are difficult to lose Clean wounds, clean wounds from dirt or dust by cleaning with cold running water, and using clean tools to clean wounds Do not use irritating wound cleansers such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. Protect the wound from friction, include friction with clothes Cover the wound with a bandage and turin to change the bandage whenever it feels dirty. Do not scratch or peel off a dry wound, this condition can slow wound healing Using sunscreen or sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure to avoid changes color on the wound That's all the answers from us, hope it helps.

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