How To Deal With Uneven Teeth And Bleeding Gums?

Illustration of How To Deal With Uneven Teeth And Bleeding Gums?
Illustration: How To Deal With Uneven Teeth And Bleeding Gums?

for the treatment of uneven teeth, it’s good to use stirrup, what is invisalign, and what is bleeding tooth that causes it to continue for treatment how

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Braces or stirrup installation is an action with the aim of repairing an untidy tooth structure or an abnormal jaw arrangement. If left some complications that arise are affecting the shape of the face, discomfort when biting and chewing, tooth decay, and jaw muscle injuries. Installation of braces is best done when permanent teeth have grown but bone growth is still adequate, which is around the age of 12 years.

Installation of braces is done in several stages, i.e.

- Bracket installation, which is the constituent part of the braces that functions as a support, on the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth.
- Installing a ring that surrounds molars
- Installation of flexible wires connecting each bracket and locking ring to regulate gear movement.

While invisalign is a clear alignment, a tool that is currently gaining popularity as a tool to overcome minor dental structure abnormalities. Clear aligners need to be installed for 20-22 hours every day and can be removed when eating, drinking, or when brushing teeth. This makes it easier for users to maintain oral and dental hygiene. clear alignment is also better for the health of the gums and the tissue around the teeth. Although it has many advantages over braces, it takes longer to improve the arrangement of teeth with clear aligners.

Assembled bleeding gums, swollen gums and bleeding is a sign of gum disease. Gums are made of soft tissue, and if you brush your teeth too hard and in the wrong way, they can make them red and bleeding. Aside from brushing your teeth too hard, there are a number of reasons why your gums bleed frequently, including:

A bleeding disorder.
Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
Error installing dentures or other dental equipment.

Flossing (cleaning between teeth using floss or mental floss) incorrectly.
Infection in the teeth or gums.
Affected by scurvy or conditions with vitamin C. deficiency.
Taking blood thinners.
Vitamin K deficiency conditions
Frequent bleeding of the gums can also be a sign of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), which is an early stage of periodontal disease. The signs are red, inflamed, swollen, and bleeding gums.

Here are some ways to prevent gum often bleed, including:

Use a soft toothbrush
Do flossinggigi twice a day to prevent plaque
Visit the dentist at least once every 6 months to get rid of plaque, one of the causes of gums often bleed.
Rinse your mouth with mouthwash every day.
Take a balanced diet. Reduce carbohydrate intake and avoid snacks between meals.
Do not use tobacco
Control the gums often bleed by applying direct pressure on the gums using gauze soaked in ice water.
If you have been diagnosed by a doctor as having a vitamin deficiency, then take vitamin supplements.
Avoid aspirin, unless your doctor has recommended it is safe for you.
Drink lots of water, especially after eating
Be careful of foods and drinks that are very hot or cold, because they can cause discomfort to your gums.
Try to avoid stress. Because stress can increase the hormone cortisol, which is likely to cause inflammation throughout your body, including gums

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