How To Deal With Uterine Cysts When 5 Weeks Pregnant?

Hello, I am 5 weeks pregnant but when an ultrasound is seen there is a cyst in my vagina, what herbal medicines can I consume to get rid of the cyst without affecting anything in my pregnancy? Thanks.

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Hello Devi, thank you for asking to

Before I introduce, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Basically a cyst is a small sac filled with fluid. Cysts can be experienced by anyone, and can appear anytime, and anywhere, such as on the skin, genitals, and internal organs such as the uterus and ovaries.

The appearance of cysts during pregnancy, especially in the early trismester will usually give its own concerns to patients. Some of the symptoms that can appear include:

Abdominal and pelvic pain can be mild to severe.
Satiety and excessive nausea
Vaginal Bleeding
Frequent urination

But in some cases the cyst during pregnancy is asymptomatic and only seen during an ultrasound by an obstetrician. Cysts can affect the uterus or not. All depends on the location, size, and development of cysts. Usually an obstetrician after diagnosing a cyst in the womb will not immediately take an action to treat the cyst. The obstetrician will wait and see the development of the cyst first. If it is small the doctor will only advise the patient to routine control to monitor the development of the cyst. Cysts may shrink, enlarge, or even disappear altogether.

Broadly speaking there are only two cyst handlers during pregnancy:

Periodic cyst monitoring
Operating Procedure This action is forced to be done if a large cyst, potentially threatening the fetus and mother. The fastest can be done at 16-17 weeks gestation, but usually this method is rarely chosen considering this action is very risky to the fetus in particular.

There are no guidelines regarding herbal medicines that can be used to treat cysts during pregnancy. But my advice is that you should not take any medication other than what your obstetrician recommends. Never mind herbal medicines in the selection of anti-pain drugs, antibiotics, or anti-itching doctors must be careful during pregnancy.

So what you can do now is:

Get plenty of rest, and limit activity because cysts may rupture.
Regular control to the obstetrician to monitor the development of cysts.
Don't take medicine carelessly.
Nutritious food and drinks.

That's the answer from me, hopefully giving you an idea.

Thank you, wish you always health :)

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