How To Deal With Vaginal Itching Due To Pads?

Illustration of How To Deal With Vaginal Itching Due To Pads?
Illustration: How To Deal With Vaginal Itching Due To Pads?

Morning, I want to ask “I was menstruating at that time, so I felt itchy and now I still feel the itching and itching around the middle of the veins and the periphery of the vagina ” “why do you think? ” “And how to deal with it? “

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When menstruating, the pubic area can be exposed to high levels of moisture. If this condition is not balanced with good hygiene, it can cause the microorganisms that cause infection to multiply more easily, for example, fungi. As a result, you can feel quite intense itching, it can even last until the end of menstruation. Apart from itching, other complaints may also arise, such as reddish, peeling, watery, swollen, purulent, and abnormal vaginal discharge. Not only fungi, other microorganisms, such as bacteria, mites, or viruses can also trigger this complaint.

In addition, contact between the genitals and certain products, such as sanitary napkins, scented soaps, or some underwear can also trigger itching. This itching is usually the result of an allergy or irritation. It's also possible that itching in your vagina is due to vaginal dryness, hormonal imbalances, insect bites, seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, or various other causes.

You can first do some of the tips below so that the itching subsides:

Do not scratch excessively itchy vagina --- this can trigger irritation and sores in the vagina which can make the itching feel more intense and prolonged Choose cotton underwear Use pants that are not tight and made from soft to absorb sweat. Bathe regularly 2 times a day Clean your genitals after every bowel movement, just use running water, no need to use special soap or fragrances During menstruation, choose sanitary pads that do not contain fragrances, and change the pads at least once every 4 hours, or every time it feels full. not getting better, try to see your doctor directly for further treatment yes ..

Vaginal itching

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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