How To Deal With Vaginal Itching When 7 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of How To Deal With Vaginal Itching When 7 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: How To Deal With Vaginal Itching When 7 Weeks Pregnant?

At noon, I was indigo I was 7 weeks pregnant and I had complaints in vaginal itching and I was already taking miconzole itching. Asking for a good solution of medicine for itching has no effect for the fetus?

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Vaginal complaints itching in pregnant women, whether accompanied by vaginal discharge, if accompanied by vaginal discharge, the possibility of itching is caused by vaginal discharge.

Leucorrhoea in pregnant women can be caused due to several causes, including:

-Bacterial vaginosis: characterized by vaginal discharge from the vagina, smells fishy, ‚Äč‚Äčthick yellow, and causes itching in the vagina. In laboratory tests taken from vaginal fluid, it can be found a type of cell called a "clue cell", the pH is alkaline and has a fishy odor by examination which is added to the base fluid.

-Candidiasis: an infection caused by a fungus that causes complaints of vaginal discharge and itching in the vagina, usually has a lot of vaginal discharge, usually occurs in pregnant women, people with diabetes, people who are overweight. Usually the cause of this vaginal discharge is a person who often uses tight pants, often moist in the genitals because they are not drained after urinating, often sweating

-Servisitis: inflammation of the cervix, characterized by vaginal discharge, usually accompanied by bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse, itching, and characterized by high signs of infection in the cervix.

In order to know the exact diagnosis and the right treatment, you should do a self-examination to the nearest obstetrician.

For drug solutions, it should be given by an obstetrician or dermatologist.

Things to do at home include:

-Keep the area around the genitals clean, dry and not moist

- compress the area around the itch

- Change clothes in every wet or damp

Thus, hopefully useful :)

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