How To Deal With Vomiting After An Accident?

Illustration of How To Deal With Vomiting After An Accident?
Illustration: How To Deal With Vomiting After An Accident?

Hello, good evening. I come from Bali. yesterday I just had an accident with my sister due to hit a dog. I wore a helmet and my sister did not. since yesterday, my sister and I threw up and still feel sick to this day (just now me and my sister threw up). my head aches, weak, and dizzy sadly I have absolutely no cost to go to the hospital or doctor .. maybe the doctor will suggest me and my sister to do a CT scan but again, my family and I have no money. my family doesn’t have one. Are there other alternatives that I can do? thank you

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Hello Monika, thank you for asking.

We are also sorry for what happened to you and your sister. Post blunt trauma such as accidents, especially those affecting the head area, there is always the possibility of brain injury. Nausea, vomiting and headaches or dizziness after an accident generally indicate a concussion. Concussion is caused by a collision on the head. Puffiness occurs in brain tissue. Swallowing results in increased pressure in the skull, resulting in symptoms as described above.

Concussions can occur mild or severe. Mild concussions can generally improve slowly and leave no sequelae. Severe concussion can be fatal, in the form of decreased consciousness and disruption of vital organ functions due to interference in the center of the brain. Severe concussions can leave sequelae of recurring headaches or dizziness for years after an accident, convulsions, memory loss or decreased cognitive abilities.

Generally a concussion requires treatment under the supervision of a doctor in the hospital. Unfortunately, without investigations such as CT scans or MRIs, doctors cannot determine whether you really have a concussion, how severe the disorder is, and whether there are more threatening conditions such as brain bleeding. You should seek financial assistance as much as possible, or immediately seek BPJS, so that it is not too late to be handled. Now all you can do is lie flat, limit your activities, put your head 45 degrees higher than your body, make sure you don't get dehydrated and get optimal nutrition.

That is my explanation. Hopefully you can find the best solution soon. Regards.

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