How To Deal With White Eyes?

Illustration of How To Deal With White Eyes?
Illustration: How To Deal With White Eyes?

Tonight doctor. R nSo today my eyes are twisted, the bumps are not too big because it’s only the first day, but it’s quite annoying even though it doesn’t hurt too much. R nDo I know that a bout can last for days? Is it true? R nThe problem is that in two days I will graduate and mean I have makeup. R nThe question is this: am I safe to use makeup like eyeliner, eye shadow and other eye makeup when I get a bout? And may I use contact lenses? R nThank you 🙂

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Hi Nureka,

Thank you for asking

Although not dangerous, bintitan can indeed make sufferers feel very disturbed. Clinically, this condition is usually characterized by the appearance of bumps on the eyelids that are reddish and painful. Frequently, the pimple makes the sufferer feel the sensation of propping up, making it difficult to see because his field of vision is covered by swollen eyelids.

Nods occur when the oil glands in the eyelids become infected, often due to Staphylococcus bacteria. There are various factors that can trigger this, including the habit of holding eyes with dirty hands, leaving cosmetics around the eyes without being cleaned for a long time, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), to certain skin conditions, such as rosacea).

If it is true that the condition you are experiencing is caused by blepharitis, then this condition often breaks or flattens by itself within 1 to 2 weeks. You can do the following steps to speed healing:

Do not squeeze forcefully
Do not grab the stubborn hand with dirty hands
Also do not use cosmetics around the narrow eyes, including eye liners, false eyelashes, eye shadow
No problem using contact lenses, but make sure when using contact lenses, both contact lenses and your hands are clean
Compress the staples with warm water, squeeze them slightly so that the staples deflate
Drink more and rest

To get optimal treatment, you can also check your complaints to the doctor or ophthalmologist. In some cases, aside from administering the drug, bitits can also be treated with a more invasive procedure, which is surgery, if necessary.

Hope this helps ...

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