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in the morning, I want to ask because I have had vaginal discharge for a long time, this often interferes with my activities outside the home to the point of disturbing my household harmony, because it interferes with my daily activities “how to get rid of vaginal discharge I have tried all traditional medicines but nothing has changed. .rnIn addition, my head often feels like falling but I don’t feel dizzy at all..rnrnThanks..

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The presence of complaints of vaginal discharge that you have felt for a long time with side effects in the form of a headache / dizziness, may be caused by an infection in your femininity. As long as you are trying with herbal self-medication, but have not gotten positive results, then you should consider consulting directly with your obstetrician.

Some of the conditions below can also cause complaints of vaginal discharge as you feel, such as:

1.bacterial infection

2. bacterial infection

3. viral infection

4. sexually transmitted infections

5. disorders of the cervix, such as inflammation

6. Disorders of hormonal balance

7. use of antiseptic drugs for the vagina

8. miom

9. ovarian cyst

10. Endometriosis or the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity

Therefore, you should consult directly with your obstetrician for an examination and evaluation related to this complaint. Investigations can be planned to help diagnose, such as vaginal mucus examination, cervical examination, ultrasound or blood tests.

Management will be given based on the results of the examination obtained,

Thus the information that we can convey, also read vaginal discharge.

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