How To Deal With Yellow In Newborns?

Illustration of How To Deal With Yellow In Newborns?
Illustration: How To Deal With Yellow In Newborns?

Tonight doctor … My baby bilirubin total 11.9 then in 24-hour light therapy and given sequest medicine … after 24 hours bilirubin 8.7. The sequest medicine is continued .. after 1 Sunday it is only yellow on the chest and face, but how come the sequest is still given 32 packs with a dose of 1/4. Do you have to drink sequest? Not enough to drink a lot and dry in the sun? My child is 26 days old and my blood type is different from mine. Please explain

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Jaundice or yellow in a new baby is born influenced and caused by several factors, ranging from the normal process of the body to the existence of other underlying causes. In principle, jaundice occurs due to a buildup of bilirubin levels in the blood which is a metabolic waste or body waste that needs to be removed from the body. But in newborns the organ system is generally not perfect and can not process the bilirubin quickly, resulting in a buildup in the blood. besides bilirubin is the result of the breakdown of red blood cells Several factors that can cause excess bilirubin levels in new babies include:

The life time of red blood cells in infants is shorter so that red blood cell breakdown occurs more quickly and the bilirubin levels produced are relatively higher
The number of red blood cells in children more
Intake and binding of bilirubin by the liver is still not fully cooked

In addition to the above factors, yellow in infants can also be caused by several other medical conditions, such as:

Premature birth is generally less than 37 weeks
Mismatched blood of mother and baby, generally in babies with blood type O or with rhesus negative
Family history of jaundice, such as deficiency of the enzyme glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenation which is a genetic disease
Malnutrition or nutrient intake

Normal bilirubin levels in newborns are <5mg / dl, but it is not uncommon in infants who have higher bilirubin levels, in mild cases, generally can improve by itself within 14-21 days of life. In certain circumstances the level of bilirubin can reach> 20-25 mg / dl which this level can cause damage to the baby's brain tissue called kernicterus. Medical treatment by doctors aims to prevent an increase in levels of bilitubin and prevent damage to organs, especially the brain.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening to your baby, it needs to be given the right treatment and in accordance with the condition of your child in accordance with the cause of jaundice or yellow in your child. Some possibilities of forceps given to yellow babies include:

Phototherapy or light therapy
Immunoglobulin transfusion, in cases of blood rhesus mismatch
Blood replacement transfusion, in more severe cases

In addition to the above therapy, it is not uncommon for yellow babies to also get cholestyramine, which is an active ingredient in sequest, which serves to reduce the bilirubin in the blood and accelerate incontinence through the intestine.

Indonesian pediatrician association said that currently blue ray therapy is the main therapeutic choice to replace direct sunlight which had previously been believed to have long been able to overcome and reduce excess levels of bilirubin which is still mild. but in excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer, therefore blue light therapy is more of an option. but on the other hand, sunlight is beneficial in the formation of vitamin D for bone health and growth. then it is recommended to dry your child from the room through the sunlight coming in through the window (not directly) for 10 minutes done 2x a day.

If you are worried or your child looks increasingly yellow or there are other questions, it would be better if you can consult this matter with a pediatrician who has previously treated your child in order to get information that is appropriate for your child's clinical condition.

So much information from me, hopefully it helps.

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