How To Deal With Zits Like Burns?

Illustration of How To Deal With Zits Like Burns?
Illustration: How To Deal With Zits Like Burns?

I have pimples that are ripe, then I rub with pure apple vinegar. The next day my zits became like burns. How to deal with and eliminate them

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Hello Ms. Chairchanisa Thank you for consulting with us on The condition of acne like burns is due to hypersensitivity and irritation reactions from the use of apple cider vinegar, because apple cider vinegar is very strong acid. Strong acids if used topically inadvertently can cause skin irritation especially inflamed pimples.

What you need to know, in the use of apple cider vinegar for the treatment of acne and blackheads safety is still in research from health science, because of its strong acidic nature due to the alcohol content in the fermentation of apple water. Even though there are many beauty bloggers or vlogers who recommend using apple cider vinegar, it needs to be underlined that the condition of one woman's skin to another is different, so it is not necessarily used by other women who are also safe for you. It is better if you do the test before using the material, which is to dilute it with sterile water and use it in other sensitive areas such as the neck or behind the ear, if you feel burning or irritated then the vinegar should not be continued for use in the face area. Although the treatment of acne with apple vinegar is classified as herbal, but its effect is still unknown with medical knowledge.

For the time being, you should not continue to use apple cider vinegar to treat your acne problems, stop using it temporarily, and treat your acne using products that tend to have a neutral pH and do not contain fragrances. You can get moisturizers and skincare acne treatments that are neutral and without a diabetics fregrance or at the nearest drug store, but if you are worried about irritation again, then we recommend that you consult with a dermatologist. Later the dermatologist will prescribe drugs that work to make the inflammation process to be reduced and the irritation that you experience can fade.

What you need to understand in treating acne prone skin, including:

use products that are suitable for your skin, which are suitable for your skin type
reduce the use of thick makeup when you have inflamed zits
immediately remove make up on the face when you have finished the move sign off again, because the dirt in the makeup will close the pores of the skin and unite with bacteria to form blackheads or even zits
avoid squeezing or holding pimples too often, because this will make your acne inflammation worse and will make an impression and difficult to remove
Avoid skin contact with cell phones, helmets or other objects that often come in contact with your face
use products for your skin that are water-based so as not to obstruct the skin pores and avoid oil-based products
use sunscreen products to protect your skin from UV rays that can trigger blackheads and pimples
last but not least do a healthy diet / healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, and manage your stress well, because stress that is not managed properly can cause acne to appear easily on the face

Thus we can convey, hopefully our information answers your questions. thanks.

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