How To Delay Pregnancy?

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,rs Doc, I want to ask if sperm that has entered the vagina for 1 week can get pregnant?rnAnd how can I prevent it from becoming fertilized.rnThank you

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Pregnancy occurs when there is fertilization between a male sperm cell and a female egg cell. In normal men, one ejaculation can release at least 20 million sperm cells per ml of sperm fluid. While women will release one egg once every month. Sperm fluid will enter the vagina through sexual intercourse and then sperm cells will enter the uterus to look for eggs. If at that time the woman is releasing an egg, fertilization will occur and pregnancy will continue, but if it is not releasing the sperm cell can survive in the woman's fallopian tube for 3-7 days, if on one of these days the egg is released. then pregnancy occurs. In conclusion, having sex anytime without contraception has a chance of pregnancy, what is different is that the odds are greatest during the fertile period and the lowest during menstruation. Sperm cells that have entered the uterus cannot be prevented from fertilizing. There is a method of contraception/preventing pregnancy after intercourse, namely the emergency contraceptive pill. These pills should be taken within 72 hours of having sex and then 12 hours later. The longer the delay, the greater the chance of pregnancy. The use of emergency contraception should be on the advice of a doctor with consultation first. Emergency contraceptive pills are not used routinely, only in special circumstances such as:

Couples who forget to use contraception, for example, forget to take birth control pills. Unwanted pregnancy for example in rape victims. Mistakes in the use of contraception such as leaking condoms, miscalculation of the fertile period, and so on. If you want to prevent pregnancy, you should use contraception before having sex by making sure you are not pregnant and consulting a doctor. Here's the information:

The process of fertilization: What happens before pregnancy?.

Contraceptive method

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