How To Detect Cracked Teeth?

Illustration of How To Detect Cracked Teeth?
Illustration: How To Detect Cracked Teeth?

hello I have sensitive teeth 4 months no changes to dentists 4 people have panoramic x-ray and periapical, I google about cracked teeth he said symptoms are also sensitive I suspect cracked teeth but don’t get caught by 4 dentists and X-ray. I want to ask how how to detect crack teeth accurately? is there any kind of x-ray device or what gt? how clear is it cracked or not because I’m so annoyed with this condition.

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The outer portion of the tooth is called the tooth enamail. Dental enamail protects the dentin of the tooth, which contains blood vessels and nerves. If there is damage to the teeth of the teeth it will cause nerve vessels contained in the dentin of the teeth to be exposed to food debris, saliva or bacteria in the oral cavity. This dentin will be easily exposed, especially when brushing teeth, eating and drinking. This causes sensitive teeth. As for examples of problems in teeth that cause damage to tooth enamel, namely cavities and cracked teeth. Cracked teeth can occur due to accidental trauma or blow to the mouth area, cavities that have been severe and tooth decay. To find out if there are cracked teeth, you should consult your dentist again. The doctor will examine each tooth individually to see if there are any cracked parts. If the doctor is found, dental fillings or crowns will be removed or removed, depending on the condition of the tooth that is cracked and the severity.
There is no specific examination to see which teeth have cracks.
You can read tips for dealing with sensitive teeth here.
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