How To Determine Facial Skin Type?

Illustration of How To Determine Facial Skin Type?
Illustration: How To Determine Facial Skin Type?

Good night. Want to ask if the skin on his face has a lot of hair, sometimes pimples grow. Then the edges of the dry lips rub the skin even though they don’t use any strange powder. What type of skin is this?

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Facial skin types are divided into the same as body skin types in general, namely normal skin, oily skin and dry skin, sensitive facial skin and some people have mixed / combination skin types in different areas. The type of facial skin in a person depends on several factors, namely the water content of the skin which will affect the elasticity of the skin, the oil content that affects the softness and nutrition of the skin, as well as the level of skin sensitivity to certain substances, genetic factors and disease factors also being the influence of changes. skin on a person.

In accordance with the information you convey, it is possible that your facial skin type is combination skin, between oily types and sensitive types. On oily skin, too much sebum is produced by the oil glands (sebaceous). The oil produced functions to keep the skin moisturised so that it keeps the skin soft and supple, and prevents wrinkles. However, when excess oil is produced, this can cause clogged pores, making it easy to cause acne. Acne that occurs is due to germs trapped in the piri-piri clogged by excess oil production.

Factors that affect the high production of sebum / oil on a person's skin are genetic factors, hormonal changes, or stress. On oily facial skin, the skin is prone to acne, blackheads, large pores, and easily becomes dull.

Sensitive skin types are skin types that are prone to allergies or irritation. In this type of skin, it is easy to experience redness, itching, dryness, peeling and has a burning sensation, especially if there is contact with the trigger.

To be sure of the type of skin you have, you should further consult a dermatologist. Because if the skin type is known, then how to care for the skin can be done properly, so as to avoid acne or reduce skin reactions due to sensitivity by certain things / substances that do not match your skin.

Here are simple things you can do while at home to reduce your acne:

diligently wash your face every day at least 2x a day, and avoid washing your face too often so that the skin does not become dry and worsens the condition of acne.
choose a face wash that does not contain detergents, and choose a gentle face wash that contains glycerin. And avoid facial care products that contain alcohol, acids and fragrances so as not to irritate your skin.
use wax paper to minimize excess oil on the face.
avoid foods that are high in fat and high in sugar such as fast food.
reduce the use of heavy make-up such as foundations and oil-based care products such as creams, choose water-based care products, and those labeled as noncomedogenic.
use oil-free sunscreen and moisturizer

That is the information we can convey, hopefully it is useful. Thanks.

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