How To Determine The Ideal Weight And A Suitable Diet For 20 Years Of Age?

Illustration of How To Determine The Ideal Weight And A Suitable Diet For 20 Years Of Age?
Illustration: How To Determine The Ideal Weight And A Suitable Diet For 20 Years Of Age?

. I am 20 years old but I weigh 70kg … I want to ask How do you lose weight? And what is the ideal weight for me in this age of 20?

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Hello Syifa Nurseha,

Ideal body weight can be calculated based on body mass index (BMI). A person's BMI can be calculated using the weight formula divided by the square of height (in meters). The IMT classification is as follows:

Underweight or undernourished if BMI <18.5
Normal when BMI 18.5 - 22.9
Overweight when BMI 22.9 - 24.9
Obesity if BMI> 25

So if your body height is 160 cm then your BMI calculation is: 70 kg / (1.6 m x 1.6 m) = 27.34 kg / m2, which means obesity. While for 160 cm height the ideal body weight according to BMI is between 48 - 59 kg.

The principle that weight loss is the number of calories used for metabolism is greater than the calories in. So the way that can be taken is to regulate the type of food and the number of calories eaten and increase physical activity such as moderate-heavy exercise to get rid of more calories.

There are many ways to lose weight, it should be adjusted to the condition of your body and your desired weight target. The recommended weight loss is 0.5 - 1 kg per week and no more than that. There are various types of diet choices that you can try to implement include:

Mayo Diet
Changing the factors that might cause an increase in body weight in yourself, such as reducing fried snacks, reducing sweet foods, not snacking at night, etc.
Types of food and the amount follows the Mayo diet pyramid rules, with the composition of the most food to the least is: vegetables and fruit (at most), carbohydrates, protein, fat, sweet foods (the least).
Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day

Diets high in protein
Diet shake
Paleo diet: avoid processed or processed foods such as noodles, fast food, bread. This diet prioritizes food from its basic ingredients directly, for example meat, vegetables, nuts
Vegan diet: does not consume meat, eggs, dairy products, and products that are processed or obtained from animals
Low carbohydrate diet

The most important thing in implementing a diet is a painstaking application to get weight loss on target and a stable weight. In certain conditions it is also necessary to check the patient's condition to determine whether these diets can be applied to you.

In addition to diet and exercise, you must also maintain a balance of sleep patterns and good stress management so that the body's physiological processes can work well. Further consultation with a clinical nutrition specialist can help you plan your weight loss program by calculating your body's daily calorie needs, providing daily dietary advice, types of exercise, and other things that are useful for maintaining your body's nutritional balance. It is better to avoid consuming slimming drugs whose composition, effectiveness, and safety are not yet clear. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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