How To Discipline Your Baby’s Food And Sleep?

Illustration of How To Discipline Your Baby’s Food And Sleep?
Illustration: How To Discipline Your Baby’s Food And Sleep?

my child is 7.5 months old. But how to put him to sleep must still be carried and swung. If not, he can’t sleep alone at night. The effect is crying out loud. I want to be reprimanded and I leave it in the box, but the result is not sleeping and even stretching for hours of sleep. Ideally I want him to sleep at 8/9 nights, but only can sleep at 10.30. The effect was that the next morning it was difficult to wake up and at 8 am breakfast was sleepy and had a GTM effect and was fussy. Likewise for lunch. Ideally I would like to eat breakfast and shower, drink milk and sleep. but it’s hard to sleep, so want to sleep ehhh already lunch time. So it’s too late. The effect is so difficult It’s gradually every day the hours are not the same. You can still sleep at night. But it’s not too practical. My question is, how should I put my child to sleep in a disciplined manner without carrying him (if left in the box crying, is that okay and how long) and on time so that the meal time also Thank you

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Hello Jkrisanti,

Your desire to make hours of sleep and hours of discipline is very good. It's just that sometimes parents experience problems. In this case, as long as the child is not sick, getting enough sleep, and the nutritional intake is sufficient, you don't actually need to worry.

In general, 7-8 months sleep time for infants is around 14 hours / day, which is 11 hours sleep a night and 3 hours nap. In certain conditions the baby may change his sleep patterns, for example when traveling, being sick, activities that are accustomed to the mother, as well as activities carried out by the baby everyday. To help make the baby more stable hours of sleep, you can do the following tips:

When you start approaching bedtime, you can turn off the light or replace it with a fainter sleep light, this is to familiarize the baby to recognize his sleep time When the baby begins to get sleepy, help the baby to sleep by gently massaging, stroking his head while singing lullabies, pet ( can be swung in a box that can be moved), breastfeeding a baby, or holding a baby (holding the baby when going to sleep is okay, the bigger the baby, you can begin to give an understanding that it has begun to grow and does not need to be held again) In the morning , open the window curtain and invite the baby to do activities, for example eating, bathing, walking (babies can be held or use a stroller, after being bigger and able to walk, children can be invited to walk casually around the house) To take a nap, the baby can sleep 3 hours directly or can be cut into pieces. You can help your baby to take a nap like at night. For mealtime, to be able to follow your schedule beforehand, in fact, occasionally changing mealtime or hours of sleep does not matter huh. Most importantly the child remains active, healthy, and has normal growth and development. You can stabilize the hours of sleep and hours of eating for the next day in stages and not forced. Similarly, to carry, you can familiarize children and give understanding to children not to be held again gradually so that children remain comfortable. If you feel that your child's hours of sleep and eating are interrupted until a complaint or growth and development disorder arises, you can consult further with your pediatrician.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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