How To Distinguish Common Cold And Corona In Children

Illustration of How To Distinguish Common Cold And Corona In Children
Illustration: How To Distinguish Common Cold And Corona In Children

Good evening doctor … my mother from 2 children … a week ago precisely on March 11, 2020, our family went home to visit our relatives in Cikarang … we used a private car … after there my son, who was 2 years old, coughed. . Indeed, there is too much to drink ice from normal days … Because we happen to be in a place of relatives who have a special celebration … so that there are lots of ice cream and at night we always buy packaged ice drinks that are being hit … My question … with the news that is rife about the Corona virus … how do I know that my child just coughed or contracted the Corona virus … as information since coughing up to now for about 3 days there is no fever … just cough with phlegm and sometimes the nose gets watery … while this I only gave hufagrip medicine and I haven’t checked it with the doctor … What should I do ?? Thanks for the answer ..

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Hello, thank you for asking

Corona virus is a virus that infects the respiratory tract. People who suffer from COVID-19 can experience symptoms similar to flu. In corona virus there are 3 main symptoms, namely:

- High fever
- cough
- Hard to breathe

Corona virus can be accompanied by other symptoms such as: muscle aches, headaches, sore throats, colds, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. While the symptoms of the common cold, generally will cause symptoms such as:

 Sneezing Nasal congestion and runny Sore throat Light headache Cough Fever (rare) Flu generally can heal itself within 4-9 days. The stronger the immune system, the faster the flu heals. We recommend that you bring your child to be examined further to the doctor, so that appropriate therapy can be given. In addition, give your child good nutrition.

Do the following things to prevent corona virus infection:

- Avoid close contact with people with respiratory problems

- Frequently wash hands with soap and running water, especially after contact with patients or their environment.

- Do not consume animals that have the potential to transmit coronavirus

- Eat food that has been cleaned and cooked thoroughly

- If you are sick, then you have to do a good and right cough ethic.

- Avoid exposing phlegm carelessly

- Maintain endurance by multiplying the consumption of nutritious food, drinking enough water, regular exercise, adequate rest, avoiding consumption of cigarettes or alcoholic beverages, and managing stress well.

You and your family can check the risk of corona virus infection at the following link: Check the risk of corona virus

You can read these articles to understand corona:

How to effectively not contract the corona virus

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Thank you, hope that helps.

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