How To Distinguish Common Cold With Corona Symptoms

Illustration of How To Distinguish Common Cold With Corona Symptoms
Illustration: How To Distinguish Common Cold With Corona Symptoms

How do we distinguish the common cold and flu from the corona virus? Is there a practice test that we can try on our own?

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Covid-19 is a disease caused by corona virus infection. This disease can cause symptoms that attack the respiratory tract similar to common cold and also influenza or influenza and sometimes difficult to distinguish. But what most often arises from this disease is a fever, dry cough, pain in the body, sore throat, headache, and shortness of breath. While in colds and cold coughs, symptoms of shortness of breath rarely occur, and in cold coughs rarely occur the emergence of fever. And most importantly, in Covid-19, there is a history of traveling to affected countries, contact with people who have traveled to those countries, or contact with people who are positive about Covid-19.

But unfortunately, so far there are no tests that we can do independently to check whether we are positive about Covid-19 or not. If someone has symptoms such as high fever, cold cough, or shortness of breath, and there is a history of exposure to an affected country, or contact with people with a history of traveling to an infected country, or contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19, that person needs to report to the nearest health service facility, for referral to the designated hospital to treat the disease.

The doctor will evaluate complaints, perform physical examinations, and supporting examinations such as blood tests, throat swabs, and lung X-rays (but lung x-rays are not tests to find out positive / whether Covid-19, only see the appearance of pneumonia that sometimes appears in this disease) which will be sent to designated laboratory centers to examine suspicious samples of Covid-19, and carry out appropriate handling if the results of supporting examinations have been received.

Therefore, you should do the main tips to reduce the risk of getting this virus, such as:

 Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or with hand sanitizer containing alcohol. Do not touch the eyes, mouth and nose before washing hands. Use a mask when coughing and runny nose. Maintain the cleanliness of objects that are often touched and environmental cleanliness. Conduct social distancing, which is to reduce activities with other people, to a place that is crowded with people, and to gather. Hopefully this information can help.


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