How To Distinguish Fever Due To Typhus Or Due To Corona

Illustration of How To Distinguish Fever Due To Typhus Or Due To Corona
Illustration: How To Distinguish Fever Due To Typhus Or Due To Corona

Good night Doc. I am a 20 year old college student. Doc, before I had a high fever for about 2 days and was cured. I also had an IV at home. I have a history of typhus about 2 months before. Besides, I also vomited. “Is this my recurring typhus or corona? I have no history of traveling in the corona-infected area or contact with corona patients. Thank you.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Typhus / typhus cannot recur, when a person experiences typhus for the second time or more, it is not because the disease recurred but because he is infected again.

But in your case, we cannot determine whether you have typhus or not. Because with a fever that is only two days, no pattern of fever can be seen. Even though investigations for typhus can only be done after 5 days of fever. So, what you experience is typhus, dengue fever, sore throat, or other infections in the body.

Regarding corona, this is even more difficult. Corona infection symptoms vary and can look like a common cold. So far only investigations can determine whether someone is positive or not. When you see from the symptoms, then the diagnosis will be very difficult because there are positive corona patients who do not show any symptoms.

Regarding you not traveling in an area affected by corona or contacting corona patients, in the present condition where corona is already endemic in Indonesia, and the fact that this virus can easily spread, that information is not very important anymore. Let's say that in your area no one has been exposed to corona, but that doesn't mean the case doesn't exist. It could be that the person does not cause symptoms so he is still not isolated. Or there can also be people who show symptoms and are actually positive but are diagnosed with other diseases due to limited facilities and abilities. Then suppose that these people buy something and the money they give has been contaminated, then the person who receives the money can also be infected. The person who receives the money then gives the item to someone else, and so on until the virus finally reaches you. This could be the path of transmission of the virus. So once again, you are not in the affected area and have never met a corona patient in person and do not necessarily exclude the possibility of a viral infection.

Therefore the advice is to stay at home and not leave the house except for a really important reason. If you really have to go out, wash your hands regularly, keep a distance of about 1 meter from other people, and maintain endurance by taking multivitamins and supplements, get enough rest, and avoid smoking. So, hopefully answering your question.

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