How To Distinguish Genuine And Fake Masks

Illustration of How To Distinguish Genuine And Fake Masks
Illustration: How To Distinguish Genuine And Fake Masks

Good night. I want to ask how to distinguish original and paslsu masks and how to find out recycled masks? thank you

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The outbreak of the corona virus in Indonesia was used as an opportunity by irresponsible individuals to sell fake masks, even to the point where some people recycled used masks. Original health masks have certain physical features that can be seen in plain view. users must be able to ensure the quality of the mask itself, including the filter in the mask that functions as a filter for dust or viruses. In order to buy a mask with two different colors. For example, the colors blue and white or green and white. So, there is a green color in front of it and white color indicates that there is a filter layer for large molecules such as viruses and bacteria. If you can buy a different color front and back like this. Physically, fake masks are thin sheets. While the original mask will feel thick because it has three layers of filters. In the outer layer its function is to prevent splashing into the mask, the middle layer for filtration, and the inside touches the mouth and nose as well as its function for absorption. I suggest that you should immediately buy at a pharmacy or supermarket that is legal and trusted.

In addition to fake masks, it was also rumored that used masks were sold back to the public. to distinguish it we do not know how but can be prevented so that the masks that after we use for us to burn or we are torn or we cut into small pieces so as not to be misused by other elements.

but the mask should be used by people who are sick like the flu or people who are not feeling well, no problem healthy people use it, when exposed to people who are sick but must also tell the sick person to wear a mask, a mask is very mandatory to use for medical staff So, it is not because of our obsession, that medical personnel lack personal protective equipment because they are the guardians of the corona virus.

Thus the info I can give

keep doing social distancing

thank you

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