How To Distinguish Menstrual Blood And Blood Implantation?

good afternoon, last week I had sex with my husband (but my husband did not expel his sperm in the vagina), then last Thursday I was bleeding from my vagina but only a little, Friday too and now too (only this time is more volume many from the previous day though still a little) indeed this february this month I haven’t menstruated but is the blood coming out is menstrual blood? if menstrual blood why does not come out as much as usual I menstruate? and also if this blood is not implementing the release of sperm not in the vagina is it impossible to get a pregnancy?

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Hello aulia,

Thank you for the question.

A small amount of blood comes out of the vagina outside the menstrual schedule that should occur as part of normal menstruation. Indeed, sometimes, menstruation can come out with a smaller amount and on an irregular schedule, mainly due to hormonal conditions that are not balanced, fatigue, stress, the effect of contraception, unhealthy eating patterns, lack of exercise or excessive, even also due to an illness, for example endometriosis, cysts, polyps, and pelvic inflammation. In addition to menstruation, you may also experience bleeding that is part of the early signs of pregnancy. Some pregnant women can indeed experience bleeding early in pregnancy due to the implantation process, which is implanted by fertilization into the uterine wall. Referring to the history of your last sexual relationship, it has little potential for pregnancy. However, it is not impossible that pregnancy also occurs, for example if there are sperm cells that have already come out in the vagina, for example in precum fluid before the penis is pulled out.

It is not right to ascertain the cause of your complaint without checking you directly. Therefore, to be clear, you try to do a testpack. Or, you can also consult yourself directly to a doctor or obstetrician so that appropriate treatment can be given.

In the meantime, you should not think about anything. So that bleeding decreases, you can multiply rest, limit excessive sexual relations first, keep your diet, and do not carelessly take medication without the advice of a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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