How To Distinguish Mercury Cosmetics Or Not?

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,. I have a few questions.rn1. How easy is it to find out if a cosmetic contains mercury or not?rn2. Is cream from dr. Milany skin care is safe? (There is no BPOM label, expired, or ingredients. And if it expires the color of the cream turns brown and even blackens) After using the cream, your face will be free of acne. If you stop (1 yr) at first your face is a bit broken but light, then it can return to normal. Acne is not as bad as before, only small pimples appear.rn3. Is this simple test method to determine the mercury content correct? Apply cream to the HVS paper, then iron. If it turns brown or black then it is mercury.

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Hi Deniiteza,

Currently, there are many skincare products or facial treatments that promise instant results. Therefore, consumers must be careful in choosing the right and safe facial care products.

One of the dangerous ingredients that are quite often found in face creams is mercury. The use of mercury can have negative effects on the body such as mercury poisoning, kidney disorders, liver disorders, insomnia, damage to the digestive tract, damage to the nervous system, brain, heart, lungs, fetal defects, and miscarriages.

To find out the mercury content in face creams can only be done by tests or tests in the laboratory. The methods that are widely circulated on the internet are not scientifically proven to accurately detect mercury so that false positives and false negatives often appear. If you want to test your face cream, you can visit the nearest laboratory.

Regarding the cream you use, we don't know what the ingredients are. If the cream is obtained from a beauty clinic that has a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor, chances are that the cream is safe. The content of creams from doctors usually contains cosmetic (not cosmetic) and several active ingredients that are adapted to skin conditions or in the form of a mixture. For cosmedics, there is often no BPOM number because the cream is actually a "drug". More or less the same as medicine powder from the doctor. Sometimes some clinics include the composition and expiration date. Others don't list it. If you are in doubt, you can ask the doctor who prescribed your cream directly. Stop using the cream if the cream changes color, texture, smell, or causes other complaints when applied.

Meanwhile, if the cream is obtained from online, without direct consultation with a doctor, and only uses the doctor's name even though it is not from a doctor, you should think again about using it.

Some tips to be safer in using the cream, namely:

Make sure the cream has the correct BPOM number, you can check it on the official BPOM website
Do a patch test first behind the ear
Pay attention to the composition of the cream, avoid creams that contain the words mercurous chloride, calomel, mercuric, or mercurio, or have unfamiliar language
Do a mercury test in the laboratory
Especially for creams from doctors, ask the doctor who prescribes what active ingredients are contained in the cream

Here is an article that relates to the topic of your question:

Cream contains mercury

Thanks and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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