How To Distinguish Normal Baby Breath Sounds And Not?

Illustration of How To Distinguish Normal Baby Breath Sounds And Not?
Illustration: How To Distinguish Normal Baby Breath Sounds And Not?

How do you differentiate grok-grok breath in babies that are considered normal and those that need treatment (for example: colds)?

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Normal breath sounds generally do not sound grok or wheezing, if there is a disturbance in the sound of breath it indicates an obstruction of the baby's airway by mucus or swelling of the airways. Grok or slem breath sounds in babies are caused by mucus production in the respiratory tract that can be nose (rhinitis) or throat due to coughing (pharyngitis) to conditions of lung airway infection, namely bronchitis or bronchopneumonia. This situation (grok-grok breath sounds) is caused by an inflammatory reaction such as allergies, infections to choking. The sound of wheezing is caused by the swelling of the airways to the lungs so that they become narrowed, causing disruption of air exchange.

In infants with offspring of parents or families with allergies, they will be more prone to frequent breathing problems because they have a tendency to produce more mucus. But mothers don't need to worry that they can generally get better on their own, it's just that mothers better pay attention to what triggers an allergic reaction such as cold air, dry air, dust, dehydration, cigarette smoke or certain foods. So allergy triggers must be avoided.

Beware of danger signs if the sound of wheezing is accompanied by a wheezing sound, it appears shortness of the ribs is visible when breathing, the nose flattens, the child looks weak and drowsy, bluish and with fever also coughs a cold with a greenish yellow sputum color. Ha this can be caused by infection so it requires treatment by a doctor, the doctor will check lung sounds, chest x-rays, blood hematology. Treatment is given according to the cause such as breathing aids and supplemental oxygen, evaporation with bronchodilators, consumption of antibiotics, antihistamines and drugs to reduce inflammatory reactions and supplements if needed.

Consumption of breast milk is important to help the baby's immune system, meet nutritional needs either with breast milk or solids when it's time. Avoid fatigue and rest more when you are sick, sunbathe and avoid allergy triggers. Avoid cigarette smoke and other polluting fumes

hopefully useful. click the article: baby breath sounds. Colds in babies to watch out for.

The baby coughs with phlegm. Nasal congestion

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