How To Distinguish Sensitive And Have Multiple Personalities?

Illustration of How To Distinguish Sensitive And Have Multiple Personalities?
Illustration: How To Distinguish Sensitive And Have Multiple Personalities?

Good evening, I want to ask My name is Rika, a high school student. I used to be a person who was very cheerful and very friendly to anyone, but gradually I met various kinds of people with a variety of characters, I once had a friend whose words had pierced my heart so that I became an insecure and timid person. Until finally I limited myself to get along with others. I am always comfortable at home, rarely leave the house and rarely socialize with my classmates, until I have been said to be strange, ignorant, arrogant and severe I am said to be a mute person, because I rarely communicate with my friends, even though I am traumatized, because I am traumatized ever disappointed in me. Until now, I still close myself, even to open a topic of conversation with close friends feels heavy. Every day I am always haunted by the fear of not having friends, I am afraid of illness and disappointment, I am always worried if I have to go through all of my own. But in a different environment, for example in a family environment, I can turn around 360 °. I can be a cheerful, friendly, open and humorous person. But if faced with a problem that reminds me of what happened in my past or when I was in the school environment, I don’t know why my attitude has changed 360 ° again. And I can turn around when I am in the right mood and fit myself. And almost every hour my mood is always changing, I can be a Wise person and can even be a person who is very stressed and frightened. The question is, do I have a sensitive nature, or I have a trauma in the past, or is it true that I have a Multiple Personality ,? Your answer is really I hope ,. Thank you!

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Psychic complaints that you feel is a reaction from your disappointment with your friendship in the past. This is something that anyone can experience. If activities at school and the environment outside the home are still going well, then you are most likely not experiencing psychiatric disorders. Not all feelings of sadness, fear and anxiety are psychiatric disorders. Conditions of emotional stress can also bring up these feelings.

Psychiatric disorders also vary. What distinguishes psychiatric disorders from emotional stress is that psychiatric disorders are usually negative feelings that are very difficult to control and have a real impact on your ability to perform daily activities, making you unable to perform according to your abilities and your behavior disrupting the environment around you.

From the story that you write, you can see a very drastic change in mood in certain situations, also anxious and scared when you are in a social situation that is at risk of causing problems. Conditions of mood changes that are drastic and fast, can also be associated with bipolar disorder.

Multiple personality disorder is a psychiatric disorder in which a person has two or more personalities, between one personality and the opposite of each other's character and usually when one personality appears, he will experience amnesia / forgetful memories about the situation, place and time that just happened. In addition to multiple personalities, he usually has depression and anxiety disorders and a feeling of inferiority that is very deep.

To determine whether you experience mood / mental disorders, of course you need a detailed psychiatric interview with a Psychologist or Mental Health Specialist. Express feelings and experiences that bother you openly. The psychologist / doctor may give you a questionnaire to fill in. The doctor will make a diagnosis based on psychiatric and psychiatric interviews. Management of psychiatric disorders usually includes psychotherapy (counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy) and administration of drugs according to the conditions. Usually doctors require regular consultations within a minimum period of 3 months.

To overcome feelings of fear and anxiety towards friends around the school environment, you may share this with parents, teachers who you think are wise and are quite close to you. Start opening up by starting small, simple conversations like movies in the cinema that are running, music flow, hobby activities and other topics that are often discussed by your peers. If you choose not to tell about personal problems or personal information, that is not wrong or bad. There are many people who like to be friends but avoid sharing personal problems with others they don't know well. Reprimand greeting and chatting are social activities that you should still do. Disappointment in the past, making lessons to avoid inappropriate behavior or decisions, is not a reason to avoid friendships and reasonable social relationships.

Drastic mood changes can be helped by consistently living a healthy lifestyle. Vary a balanced nutritious diet, exercise and get enough rest. A healthy body can relieve mood fluctuations that are disturbing.

Read here about Healthy Lifestyle.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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