How To Distinguish Skincare That Is Suitable Or Not Suitable On The Face?

Hello …, sorry I want to ask, I have been using skincare from Be right skincare (egyptian beauty) for 2 weeks but now my face has become more acne. Before using skincare, my face was dry, after using skincare, my face became moist and prone to breakouts. I want to ask the doctor’s advice, how should I do it? Do you have to continue the skincare or just get fired? Thank you in advance.

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Hello Lusiana,

Thank you for the question.

Determining whether a skin care product is right for use is not as easy as referring to a brief description of the effects you experience after using the product as you describe it. First, you need to clarify the exact composition of the skin care product, examine how your skin type is, adjusted for the skin problem you are suffering from, and sometimes it is also necessary to have an allergy test. So far, there are no accurate sources available that describe the exact composition of the skin care product you are using. So, considering that we also do not check the condition of your skin directly, it is most appropriate to determine whether the product is right for you to use or not, of course a doctor or dermatologist will examine you directly.

If indeed your skin including dry, then you are advised to use skin care products that can maintain and increase skin moisture, for example oil-based. Not only that, make sure the products you use do not contain compounds that are irritative or vulnerable to make you allergic so that the risk of inflammation can be minimized. You also need to balance the use of these skin care products by improving personal hygiene, not carelessly exchanging personal belongings with others, going to bed early, don't stress, diligently drinking water, eating lots of vegetables and fruits, limit consumption of oily foods and high cholesterol , also discipline to live a healthy lifestyle every day. In this way, skin that becomes more moist due to the use of special skin care products for dry skin, does not become prone to breakouts as you have complaints today.

With regard to your condition, as mentioned above, you should immediately check yourself at the nearest health facility, while carrying the skin care products you used last time. That way, of course the doctor can give you advice, whether the product can be continued, improved how to use it, or maybe it was stopped.

Hope this helps ...

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