How To Fatten Cheeks?

Illustration of How To Fatten Cheeks?
Illustration: How To Fatten Cheeks?

Good morning, permission to ask. My age is 19 years old, but my face is clearly visible lines in the bones under the eyes but not panda eyes. Maybe because my body weight went down, the cheeks look less tight, can raising the weight recover? Thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The shape of the face and cheeks, whether thin, opaque or fat, and whether or not the cheekbones are visible, the majority is determined by a person's genetic makeup. If someone does have a genetic or hereditary facial factor, even though his body is fat, his face can remain thin and will only gain weight if his weight has increased dramatically. Conversely, for those who are inherited from having a puffy face, it could be that even though he is thin, his face remains pudgy, and it will only turn thin later if he has lost weight more dramatically.

Therefore if in your case you do have a tendency for the cheekbones to be seen, it might be difficult for you to get rid of the appearance. However, if you have had a face that was chubby before there was weight loss, it could be that increasing weight can help you restore your face.

Meanwhile, get enough sleep, avoid cigarette smoke, dust and pollution, increase the consumption of water, fruits and vegetables, and use cosmetics to disguise the appearance that you do not want. So, hopefully answering your question.

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