How To Fight Thoughts That Go Beyond Limits And Stop Strange Behavior?

Assalamuallaikum .. Good afternoon, I want to ask? Lately I often feel a disturbance of mind, it’s been almost 1 month more or less. There is a thought that often approaches me, which is sometimes thoughts that go beyond limits that I find difficult to explain and always disturb my feelings. but I am still grateful because I did not experience despair, I always think positive and always struggle to recover. My goal to ask is, how to fight thoughts that go beyond limits that should not be thought of anymore. and how to stop my strange behavior, for example like “When I do something, I have to do it several times, if something I do is wrong, it will keep on thinking. Even though it’s just a trivial thing.” ?Thank you.

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Hi Dandi,

Thank you for the question.

At first glance, referring to the symptoms that you convey, it could be that you experience including OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). This condition is included in a psychiatric disorder that causes sufferers to experience obsessive symptoms (the emergence of thoughts that are repetitive, continuous, and can not be controlled, such as fear of being dirty, fear of not putting something in its place, fear of excessive self-harming) and compulsive (emergence of repetitive behavior that feels like it should be done when in fact it is not necessary, such as washing hands repeatedly, checking whether the door is locked or not repeatedly, sorting something again and again). This condition is often harmless. But clearly, people with OCD can be very disrupted and can experience excessive stress or anxiety.

In addition to OCD, your complaint may also arise due to other causes, such as excessive anxiety disorder, delusional disorder, personality disorder, hyperthyroidism, bipolar disorder, and so on.

This condition, if it is very disturbing, should not be left alone. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or psychiatric specialist to be given the best treatment. At home, you can try the following steps:

Make a schedule of daily activities, and discipline to keep that schedule. If you already feel that you are keeping up with the schedule, then there is no need to worry about something you have forgotten or haven't done.
Make yourself calmer, for example with lots of worship, sleep regularly, a lot of chatting with the people you care about and love you, do not consume excessive caffeine, take yourself a short vacation, do meditation and relaxation
Do not carelessly take any medicine or supplement without doctor's advice
When thoughts arise that are not necessary, or desire to do something that is not important, do not obey, just focus on doing what you should be doing

Hope this helps ...

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