How To Find Out A Tuberculosis Diagnosis?

Illustration of How To Find Out A Tuberculosis Diagnosis?
Illustration: How To Find Out A Tuberculosis Diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with TB, but I was given a sputum test while I didn’t have phlegm, and I couldn’t even take the sputum thinner medicine I have to do how I know if I am positive for TB.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Tuberculosis or TB, is a disease that occurs due to infection with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis and mainly attacks the lungs, although it can also attack the glands, bones and brain.

Among the symptoms that indicate that a person may have TB disease are:

Coughing up blood Long coughing, can last for months No appetite Sweating for no apparent reason at night Fever and chills Weight loss Weight loss Chest fatigue that feels painful when breathing or coughing

When doctors find patients with these symptoms, plus if the person has high risk factors such as having a history of frequent interactions with people who have TB, interacting with people who also have a long history of coughing or taking routine medications, a history of being in the neighborhood where they live. lack of circulation and good lighting from the sun, addicted to alcohol, and have low body resistance, the doctor will suspect that the person has TB.

To prove his suspicion, the doctor will ask the patient to perform several tests, including:

Sputum test from time to time to determine the presence or absence of the M. tuberculosis bacteria on the sputum Chest X-rays to see if there are any special features of tuberculosis such as cavities or the formation of certain spaces in the upper lungs. 2-3 days Routine blood test to find out in general whether any bacterial infection is going on. It is not TB specific, but it can be a booster. IGRA (Interferon gamma release assay) blood tests are still not routinely performed as a TB test, but can be used as an alternative

So regarding your question, it is true that the sputum test is one of the most recommended tests because if it is clear that tuberculosis is present in the sputum, then the person must be infected. And indeed when someone has difficulty expelling phlegm, usually a sputum thinner is given to make it easier. But as we have also said, the way to diagnose TB is not just through a sputum test. If from the history you have a high risk factor for TB, the symptoms you show are typical of TB, and the results of the Mantoux test, X-rays, and blood tests tend to be TB, you can still be diagnosed and treated as an infected person. Tuberculosis. Some experts who are very experienced in treating TB patients even dare to diagnose someone with TB conditions only from history, physical examination and X-rays only. So you don't have to worry.

Therefore, again, the advice is to communicate to your doctor whether the alternatives that we have presented above can be done to determine whether you have TB or not. Or if previously you only went to a general practitioner, this time go to a pulmonologist or an internal medicine specialist to get further tests.

Meanwhile, wear a mask if you cough, drink plenty of warm water, get enough rest, avoid cigarette smoke, pollution and limit interactions with young children, parents and people suspected of having TB disease to avoid transmission. And increase the consumption of nutritious foods such as eggs, milk, yogurt, vegetables and fruit to strengthen your immune system. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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