How To Find Out The Factors That Cause Allergies To The Skin?

Ass, I want to ask you just now, I worked out of wood, that’s made of wood, and I have a red head and face. Is it allergic to wood powder or wood glue? Please answer Thank you

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Irritant contact dermatitis (DKI) is inflammation of the skin due to direct contact of the outer layer of the skin with certain irritants, thus damaging the outer protective layer of the skin. The main complaints are itching and rashes on the skin after exposure to irritants. In addition to the rash can also be found nodules filled with small-sized liquid (vesicles) to quite large (bull). Sometimes it is accompanied by pain, heat, and burning.

Risk factors for DKI occurrence include:
1. Found in people who are exposed to irritants
2. History of contact with irritants at certain times
3. Working as a washer, cook, construction worker, mechanic, hair stylist, etc.
4. History of allergic dermatitis (eczema)

Some irritants that can cause contact dermatitis include:
1. Strong acids (Hydrochloride, Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid)
2. Strong bases (Sodium hydroxide, Potassium hydroxide)
3. Detergent
4. Epoxy resin
5. Ethylene oxide
6. Fiberglass
7. Oil (lubricant)
8. Organic solvents
9. Oxidizing agents
10. Plasticizer
11. Wood chips

Wood chips are a fairly common cause for workers in the building sector. If the cause of this condition is classified as a strong irritant, symptoms usually occur suddenly (acute), while in weak irritants the symptoms will appear slowly (chronic).

Cases of acute irritant dermatitis at work often arise due to accidents or due to poor work habits, for example not
wear personal protective equipment or be less careful when handling irritants. Wearing waterproof gloves, aprons and boots when working can prevent acute irritant dermatitis.

Lakukaah consult with a doctor if you experience irritant contact dermatitis complaints so that further examination and treatment can be done.

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