How To Find Out The Fertile Period Before Menstruation Before Birth?

Illustration of How To Find Out The Fertile Period Before Menstruation Before Birth?
Illustration: How To Find Out The Fertile Period Before Menstruation Before Birth?

I want to ask, after the childbirth period after I gave birth I never menstruated, until my baby was 4bl, I just injected 3bl, but the effect was. I often bleed until sometimes more than a week, stopped a few days, left again, then I consulted to the midwife, given a clogged pill, it can stop the bleeding, but not long after coming out again, so until 3bl kurleb, my face is spotty, I am consuled again to the midwife he said I was not suitable if I injected 3bl, it was recommended to move to the pill, but after that I never kb again until my child is 8 months old, and as long as I don’t I never menstruate, maybe because I am breastfeeding twins, my question is whether I can get pregnant / can still be known when the fertile period even though I haven’t menstruated? Please answer u0026amp; Thanks in advance …

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Hi ayu,

Thank you for the question.

After giving birth, most mothers will indeed experience irregular menstrual periods. This condition can occur because hormonal conditions are not balanced, such as breastfeeding, stress, fatigue, body weight is not ideal, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating patterns, side effects of birth control, and so on. This hormonal disorder, in addition to causing irregular menstruation (can bleed out of the menstrual schedule, bleeding out of intercourse after sexual intercourse, or even do not menstruate for months), can also make you break out with excess acne, irritability, cry easily, weight gain increase or decrease dramatically, appetite changes, and many other complaints arise.

Even if you do not menstruate after giving birth, if you no longer use birth control, then you can still be declared fertile, and have the opportunity to become pregnant when having unprotected sex. Indeed, it is quite difficult to determine the fertile period of women who have irregular periods like you. However, you can try to observe changes in your cervical mucus and basal body temperature. The fertile period is usually characterized by cervical mucus which is produced more, is more elastic, and the body temperature rises compared to other times.

In some cases, menstruation that is delayed for months like you, in addition to the influence of hormones, can also occur related to an illness, for example ovarian cysts, hypothyroidism, pituitary adenomas, chronic diseases, psychiatric disorders, and so on. Therefore, it is better, to be clear about the cause of your condition, still check with your doctor or obstetrician, yes. That way, your doctor can recommend you the type of birth control that is most suitable for you to use to prevent the distance between pregnancies that are too close.

I hope this helps.

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