How To Find Out The Type Of Facial Skin And Treatment?

Illustration of How To Find Out The Type Of Facial Skin And Treatment?
Illustration: How To Find Out The Type Of Facial Skin And Treatment?

I am 24 years old. I want to ask about my facial skin. My skin tends to dry because I work and sleep in an AC room (wake up feeling dry skin). But when I’m not in the AC room (wake up from oily skin). My skin has pustular pustules and sometimes whiteheads. What type of skin is my face? And what type of skincare is suitable for my skin?

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Hello Widya,

Thank you for the question.

The following types of facial skin and skin care are suitable according to the type of skin:

Normal facial skin: water and oil levels in the skin tend to be balanced, not too dry and not too oily, and usually rarely experience skin problems. Skin care is enough with a gentle facial soap rinsed with warm water and dried.

Dry facial skin: skin tends to dry when touched, pores are almost invisible, the surface looks rough and dull, and skin is less elastic and tends to redden, itch, and scaly. Skin care with a gentle facial cleanser, containing no alcohol or perfume, avoids wash your face with warm water, and use a moisturizer after washing your face.

Oily facial skin: pores look wide and can become clogged with pimples, look shiny, accompanied by blackheads, pimples, and black spots. Skin care by diligently washing your face at least twice a day, avoiding cleaning products with detergent, using oil paper, routinely using masks, acidic products, and anti-acne products such as chemical peels or products containing tretinoin.

Sensitive facial skin: easy to experience allergies, irritations, and rashes due to certain factors such as food, cosmetic products. Skin care by avoiding allergens or irritants, avoiding facial rubbing, and not using products containing alcohol, acids, perfumes, and using products soothing things like aloe vera, green tea or wheat.

Combination facial skin: a combination of dry and oily, oily skin in the T-zone area (chin, nose, forehead) and dry cheeks. Skin care using moisturizers on the cheeks and anti-acne products in the T zone.

The condition of the skin will depend on the daily weather, even normal skin when exposed to hot and normal air will cause increased sebum gland production and cause pimples or blackheads. So, you better observe the condition of the skin in the daily environment and adjust the temperature or weather to suit your skin.

The following additional recommendations for maintaining skin:

Use sunblock when traveling.
Avoid smoking and maintaining 2-3L of water per day.
Diligently wash your face with a soft product and use a moisturizer.
Avoid using makeup before going to bed.

If you still cannot determine the type of skin you have, you can consult a dermatologist because the doctor will do your skin check and determine the right skin care product for you.

Hope this information helps.

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