How To Form A Sixpack Stomach?

Illustration of How To Form A Sixpack Stomach?
Illustration: How To Form A Sixpack Stomach?

Good afternoon, I have read / watched that, everyone actually has a form of abdominal muscles (sixpack), chest, and arms, it’s just still covered with fat, so to eliminate / reduce fat, exercise, and maintain diet, but I think it is only for people who are overweight, not for thin ones, and if the statement is true, why do I not have muscular shape, even though I am a little fat (thin). Thanks.

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Hello Kevin,

Thank you for asking AlLodokter.

Indeed, basically, everyone has the same muscles. For example, a sixpack stomach is formed from the abdominal muscles and the surrounding connective tissue. Some of the muscle fibers that make up this sixpack include the serratus anterior muscle, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique, and so on

So, why do some people have clearly seen the sixpacks, while others don't? Indeed, one of the causes of this condition is the closure of these muscles by fat and other tissues at the front of the muscles. However, not only that, it doesn't seem that sixpacks can also be caused by muscles that are not trained. Muscle training can make muscle cells experience hypertrophy (increase in size) and hyperplasia (increase in number). It is this hypertrophy and hyperplasia that makes the muscles appear clearer than people who have never exercised, even though their bodies are equally thin.

This also applies to the chest muscles, arms, and various other body parts.

Therefore, if you really want a more ideal and muscular body shape, in addition to maintaining an ideal body weight, you also need to do more muscle training. Muscle training in question you can do with lots of exercise, for example yoga, gymnastic, jogging, swimming, jumping rope, squats, and so on. Do this exercise with discipline, which is every 1 to 2 days with a duration of at least 30 minutes per session. You can find a personal trainer who can help provide guidance to you in getting the ideal body shape and muscular. Not to forget, as a nutrient for muscles, you need to also consume a variety of nutritious foods rich in protein.

Hope this helps ...

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