How To Gain Weight 1 Year Old Child?

Illustration of How To Gain Weight 1 Year Old Child?
Illustration: How To Gain Weight 1 Year Old Child?

hello i am melly from batam I want to ask … my son is 1 year 6 months his bb is still 8kg … even though he was born 3.8kg bb his milk is breastmilk now he eats a lot cmn bb walk and start learning to talk … what’s the solution huh ?? thanks

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Hello Mely,

Thank you for the question.

Based on the data you provide, both girls and boys, if you have 8kg of weight at 1 year 6 months or 18 months, pulled from the WHO growth curve, are in the middle

The nutritional status of your child is likely to lead to malnutrition, and your child's weight gain is greatly influenced by the child's calorie intake, as well as by providing a variety of dairy products, providing iron and vitamin supplements. But sometimes the conditions are not that simple. It needs to be explored again what makes a child difficult to absorb nutrition and difficult to gain weight if the calories are right, there may be an underlying illness or mental disorder that needs to be addressed.

So, we recommend that you consult a pediatrician and nutritionist to discuss together your child's weight gain tips, if with daily extra calories, with additional breast milk, snack interludes, and iron and vitamin supplements, no there are improvements. Your doctor and nutritionist will ensure your child's nutritional status based on gender, age, weight and height, and screen for the possibility of other diseases, and based on that will provide appropriate treatment and dietary advice for your child, in order to prevent delays in the development and growth of the child.

Hopefully this information can be useful.


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