How To Gain Weight For A 9 Month Old Baby?

Illustration of How To Gain Weight For A 9 Month Old Baby?
Illustration: How To Gain Weight For A 9 Month Old Baby?

, I want to ask first when I was 40 days old when my child was 5.5 kg. But since 4 months and now 9 months, it only rotates at 6-6.5 kg sj. And those 9 months have not been able to sit down and have not yet grown teeth. Even eating is rather difficult. I have already given sufor and someone suggested that I have even done goat milk, but still the body is not full. How is that? I am afraid of affecting her growth and development.

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Hello, Siti Nur Kamalia, thank you for asking

Monitoring a child's weight is one way to monitor their growth and development, so that if any irregularities occur, they will be detected and treated immediately. Children aged 9 months, normally have weight:

1. Female: 8-10 kg, body length 70-75 cm, and head circumference 41- 46 cm.

2. Males: 8.5-11 kg, body length 72-76 cm, and head circumference 42-47 cm.

One way to monitor children's growth and development is to look at the growth curve of children in KMS (Kartu Menuju Sehat) or posyandu. By looking at this graph every month, you can monitor whether your child is growing according to age or not. When the child's weight increases every month, your child will experience good growth. A healthy child has a weight curve to gain weight every month. If the child's weight has not gained one time, parents need to remember whether the child has ever been sick or has decreased appetite. If the child's weight does not gain 2x or is below the Red Line, parents need to be aware whether the child is sick or has conditions such as:

1. Inadequate nutrition, can be due to nutritional mismatches (insufficient or excessive portions, inappropriate types of food), feeding schedules, poor relationship between caregivers and children, problems in organ formation (teeth, cleft lip, nasal obstruction), trouble with sucking or swallowing.

2. Impaired absorption of food, for example due to gastrointestinal disorders, malabsorption (unable to absorb nutrients due to certain diseases: lack of enzymes, food allergies, intestinal worms, heart disease), diarrhea, vomiting

3. Increased use of nutrients or ineffective use of nutrients, for example due to thyroid hormone disorders, diabetes, tuberculosis, etc.

Babies of 9 months are generally able to sit up, start to crawl, begin to be able to move small items. But every child has a different pace. If the age of 9 months is not able to sit with assistance, does not respond if his name is called, does not chatter, then you should consult a doctor.

To ensure the child's condition, you should take him to the doctor for a thorough examination, both in terms of growth (weight, body length, head circumference) and development (motor, sensory, and social functions). The doctor will ask questions about complaints, physical examination, and supporting examinations if needed.

Here are articles that can be read to add information:

1. The ideal baby weight is 9 months old

2. Growth and development of 9 months baby

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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