How To Gain Weight In Babies?

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… want to ask about my baby’s weight. The increase is very small.rnrnBorn January 9 *3.2kg*rnEarly February *3.58kg*rnEarly March *3.9kg*rn2 April *4.8kg* rnrnIs that normal weight? How do you make it gain more weight? The baby is exclusively breastfed. And no diarrhea when BAB. CHAPTER once a week.

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Normal baby weight will increase with age. In newborns (1-4 weeks), most babies will lose a few ounces of weight after birth. By the age of 2 weeks, usually the weight will go back up.

Age one to six months, weight will increase 140-200 grams per week and body length increases 2.5 cm per month.

The weight of babies aged 4 months, generally has reached 2 times the weight at birth. Usually baby boys will have a greater body weight and length than baby girls.

The following factors can affect a baby's weight:

babies born prematurely, can have a smaller body weight and length growth hormone gene disorders from parents overall health conditions Need to be adjusted to the baby's weight at birth and the baby's length.

Try to keep you living a healthy lifestyle. Consume nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, have enough rest time, avoid stress, and don't smoke. The food consumed by the mother will affect the milk produced. Continue to give exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is 6 months old.

It is recommended that your baby be examined by a pediatrician. So that a physical examination can be carried out directly, by knowing the history of the birth of the baby. If the weight is still below normal, the doctor can provide appropriate treatment steps, such as supplements if needed or supporting examinations such as blood tests.

The following page discusses

Normal baby weight

4 month old baby weight and development

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